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Comeback :))

Hey everyonee!!

I haven't been on here in a million years (6 years actually) and I'm really wondering how everyone is doing and if the game is still alive.
If you want to you can send me your deer for me to draw because I really have nothing to do rn
Sending love



.:How to make glowing text?:.

<3 ?

{.:Happy birthday , to , me:.}

Today is my birthday , the happiest day in my life ^^

Hope your all happy for me!

Deermuda Triangle

Help anybody!

I have been watching documentaries about Deermuda triangle

Now im afraid to go on endless forest or even near the triangle!

Help please,

Is it true or not that some scary stuff happen there?

Im a stag

i used to have a endless forest account long ago but i forgot the username and the password since i have a good memory i was able to "hack" through and voila! Im a stag now ^^

How do fawns keep magic?

i have seen certain fawns that keep magic and even i have kept some. but i have no idea how they or i did it. any explanations?

How do i eat grass?

i have been checking some actions on endless forest and there is a action called "eat" and a pic of a deer eating grass. ( ) so i was wondering where and how do i use this action?

Things to do on the Endless Forest when you get bored

1.Dance and make at least 10 people to join you
2.Pretend there is something happening in the forest
3.Slowly walk (press W and S or up and down arrows) to far away places while listening to relaxing music
4.Color other deer`s pelts
5.Fall asleep at a strange place (ruins or on the top of Abiogenesis)
6. Make a things to do on the Endless Forest when your bored just like this one
8. Relize that i skipped 7.
9.Sleep ON water/lake
10. Make another deer look just like you(or somebody else)
11.Spread the white virus (pray at the Abiogenesis become white and color 10+ people)

can i be on internet while waiting for my deer to sleep

i really wanted my deer to sleep and im so bored of waiting so can i idk go on youtube while minimize my TEF and wait the deer to fall asleep?
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