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InIn is OOC who has a backstory and a little room for her further develompent. Interactions are welcomed.


Ruin stone, woken up by accidental magic touch, covered by moss and cleared up by thawed snow.
Developing as every living being since then...

* *
The fur resembles moss and grass in many ways. Growing and changing its color during the season.
The hind legs are bird-like. Heavy steps, but tireless.
Black horns. They come and go like living creatures do.
Has wooden earrings, lightweighted, wind-friendly.
One-eyed. Face features are fluid like ice in water, or clouds in the sky.



Family: none

Grew close to lloOBORMOToll
Kind-spirited stag, first playmate in the Forest and friend. * *




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♥ Thank you for the

♥ Thank you for the company. It was greatly appreciated.
Icon - ahimsa.Signature - Qanat. ♥
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Thank you too

Thank you too Smiling
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Greetings from Heilong!

Greetings from Heilong! Smiling

Signature by Wildflowerdeer and Profile by Sybilline
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*bows her head* His dance of

*bows her head*
His dance of greeting cannot be forgotten, be sure of it. Truly the best kind!
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looks nice I wonder what will

looks nice I wonder what will happen in the end ^^
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This is a serious kick for

This is a serious kick for the development. Thank you, dear Kumu
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This page reads like a

This page reads like a breeze, a whisper, or a secret. I like it.
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You say so... It nestles up

You say so... It nestles up against your ear, then. To be whispered as a secret
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" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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Basen, Vala ? Uitleger, !

Basen, Vala

Uitleger, !