Anyone up for some free art? [Kaoori finished! Filled for now.]

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Decided to give some love to people, because I had the muse for it. It'll just be transparent line art and flat colours, so just leave a character reference below and I'll see what I can do - not so great with antlers, but I'm willing to give any design a shot. Examples below.

1) Kaoori - complete!;
2) ChainArt - Asriel;
3) Waning-Sun - Reate;
4) Firefli - Oceaan (Requested by Djavu)

These ones won't be out as often as the previous, but they will be done eventually.

Finished art;
1) - StagnessBlue, complete!
2) - acer, complete!
3)- Jacklo, complete! God, sorry it took so long to get out ;_; my computer had to do ANOTHER system restore, and wiped SAI from it -.- Luckily none of the data was lost, so I just had to make it a .png and not actually redo anything.
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I will gladly take a slot :3

I will gladly take a slot :3 My character is in my sig, it's the only one I have, sorry!

Edit: Forgot to say THANK YOU Laughing out loud

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"I didn't say you couldn't, it's just highly unrecommended."

Gonna be selfish... How

Gonna be selfish...
How about my Glisseo? (:
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Ally pls. Lol. I can't link

Ally pls. Lol. I can't link from my iPhone if you needs refs ask on Skype prs.

Jacklo's Characters/Hub
Discord: Daddy#4977
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Thanks so much!!!!

Thanks so much!!!!

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"I didn't say you couldn't, it's just highly unrecommended."
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Blue: No problem, I hope you

Blue: No problem, I hope you like it (:

Buuump, Glisseo finished!

Just saw this. She looks

Just saw this. She looks beautiful! Thank you so much!!
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I really like your Art !!

I really like your Art !!
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-Arrives late with a

-Arrives late with a starbucks, gawd-

Acer; No problem ^^ glad you like her!

Flyleaf; Thanks so much!

And also a bump, because Ally is up, at last ;;
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ahh, that art is adorable.

ahh, that art is adorable. Tracking in case you open again. ;_;
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-Sneaks in- ouo Maybe next

-Sneaks in-


Maybe next time you're in the mood for some arts, would you wanna give this boy a shot? eue
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Alabaster looks awesome~

Alabaster looks awesome~
Sigi by Wake

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Kaoori; eeee, thank you

Kaoori; eeee, thank you (:

ChainArt; I see you sneaking around B|
And sure, when I next open I'll give him a shot ^^

LostintheEcho; eue Thank you~

Edit: I'm gonna throw three new slots so, Kimi if you want first slot's yours, and ChainArt Asriel will go in second~
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You see nothing! |D Thank

You see nothing!

|D Thank you! c: I'll make sure to pop in next time when you're streaming as well. I always find it awesome to see characters come to life through other people drawing them.

[e] Oh! And if his key antlers prove to be too annoying, you can draw him with just the beluga ones. I know those antlers tend to be a lot easier than those big keys, hehe.
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Maybe this pretty boy?

Maybe this pretty boy?
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omg thank you ;; maybe I

omg thank you ;;

maybe I could give you freedom to pick? If you don't want to I'll give you a character. I have a list of mine if you click on my signature picture to the right. ;;
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maybe Oseaan for Firefli?

maybe Oseaan for Firefli?
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Kaoori; Aha, okay, I'll take

Kaoori; Aha, okay, I'll take a look and leave it as a surprise ;3;

Waning-Sun; Sure thing, added!

Djavu; You ninja'd in before I saved the post, so I added an extra slot just for you ^^

Edit: ChainArt; oops, I didn't see your edit. I'll give the key antlers a shot, and see how it goes, at least :L
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pff so sorry about that

pff so sorry about that asdfgds thanks for adding my request, your to kind ; o ;
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Bumpity-bump, Kaoori

Bumpity-bump, Kaoori finished! I figured she was a safe bet, plus I just really love her anyway ^^

But also, I just couldn't resist because he's such a neat little guy (no pun intended) so boop!
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ahhh, omg, she's gorgeous!

ahhh, omg, she's gorgeous! Her little floof and her smile. ;___; thank you so much!

And roomba! xD haha, I think this is his first fanart! That's absolutely adorable. ;__;

I have to save these to my computer as soon as I get home. Thank you so much, they brought a smile to my face. ;__;
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Glad you like her! She was a

Glad you like her! She was a lot of fun to draw ^^
And as for Roomba, I just saw him and asdfghjkl he was way too cute to pass up on and as I was deciding on what to do that little comic strip came to mind (: