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Color palette on: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750
Extension: 1920x1080

IC: 0%
OOC: 100%
RP: closed

MP 97%
HP 100%
TP 100%

Deer name: Alma (Al'ma)
Human name: Sophie
Species: Elk
VOICE of Turtle Kongwe (time 20:30)
Age: looks a bit old | eternal
Gender: female (she/her)
Orientation: monogamy
Size: standard Elk's size
Body type: masculine
Perfume oil: "Al Rehab Rasha". Amber, Sweet, Floral, Woody.
Talisman Stone: bull's eye
Diet: herbivorous
Character: introvert
Spouse: Spirit Auda (male/he/him). He died a long time ago, but in the form of a spirit he is constantly with Sophia.
Children: Veter & Damaë
Accessory: pendulum wood with amethyst;
on the horns there is a cascading petunia
Speech color: #552599
Alma's form #1 (run)
Alma's form #2 (eat)
Alma's form #3 (vocals)
Alma's form #4 (watching)

1. Kind and sleeps a lot (because user not in place or busy);
2. The coat is short, very soft. The horns are branched and heavy;
3. Loves fauns, all miniature deer;
4. Hates Big Zombie Deer. He fills the forest with death and endless darkness.
Feels threatened by him for her children and nanny Kazé. If the opportunity
arises, she will attack him. Alma knows that she won't be able to cause serious
damage to this devil's spawn, but she will definitely drive he away;
5. Afraid of bears. In human life, during a family hunt, she was attacked by
a wounded bear. Miraculously, serious wounds were avoided. But fear doesn't
mean she won't defend herself;
6. Alma prefers to be the first to meet a stranger. Otherwise, she may
run away or butt;
7. The voice is deep, quiet. Rarely raises his voice. She listens a lot
more than she talks. Some characters think that Alma is a wild deer because
she doesn't always answer questions;
8. She likes to hide in dense thickets so that no one can see her;
9. She hides her human name and the name of his son to avoid surveillance by
the lord of chaos and slavery. Persistently remains in the image of Elk every day;
10. She likes to watch the forest fairies and listen to their music;
11. Often visiting centaurs, as they are talented astrologers and clairvoyants,
philosophers, sages, and also centaurs sew warm clothes perfectly. She watch
their theatrical performances;
12. Places where Alma wanders with her daughter, son and nanny Kazé ;



Signature art by Raz

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Awwh thank you :3

Awwh thank you :3

Magnificent art by 7FinalGirl8 (Hagal)
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Track ~

Track ~
Thunderstorm is about to begin...
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Very grateful to you C:

Very grateful to you C:

Magnificent art by 7FinalGirl8 (Hagal)

of course track

of course track
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Thank you c:

Thank you c:

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Track <3 My lil' Damaë is cuddling your Alpha in the blue bowl currently aha!

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God, she's so cute! My Veter

God, she's so cute! My Veter is very similar to her. Very glad to meet you ^^
"Alpha hugs Damaë"

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Hi! Yesterday I came to smell

Hi! Yesterday I came to smell your Belle. Come to visit for a cup of tea!

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noticed new css for

noticed new css for biography, very pretty <3
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Thank you very much ^^ It

Thank you very much ^^
It remains a little bit to finalize the details in this css and it will be absolutely finished. Well the character's story will grow slightly over time

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Track! Absolutely love this

Track! Absolutely love this bio <3

Beautiful art

Beautiful art
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Remora, thank you for

Remora, thank you for attention! Smiling Without Hauta and Tavra this CSS could not be realistic~
Deliska, owh hello! Thanks <3 I have never seen you in the forest. Are you a new user or an old player?

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well helloooooo ~

well helloooooo ~

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aaaaaaa hello!!!

aaaaaaa hello!!! <3

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Nice bio, Track

Nice bio, Track <3
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Thank you ^^

Thank you ^^

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Oh no, why haven't I tracked

Oh no, why haven't I tracked this?! Gotta do it immediately! Smiling
Thank you for the company the other day.

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*smiled softly* And thank you

*smiled softly*
And thank you so much for always coming to visit, Urschi ^^

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late track - beautiful page!

late track - beautiful page!

Signature by Wildflowerdeer and Profile by Sybilline
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Awwww c: Thank You so much!

Awwww c: Thank You so much! ^^

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A nice and calm page, reminds

A nice and calm page, reminds of a sanctuary. Fits the character's serene nature, too. Keeping an eye on this.
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Awwwww! Thank you very much,

Awwwww! Thank you very much, Uit ^_^

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