A Valentine for Payton

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For Payton

How do I tell you, doe who once feared that river-jump, of
How long and poppy-stalk slender your legs have become;
How the red-honey smell of poppies lingers behind you;
How your dark eyes shimmer like the motes of light flickering in the air;
How your laugh is the pop-pop-popping of bubbles blown by koi;
How your fur is as soft as delicate dandelion down;
How your touch lights the world in soft gold summer-light;
How when we dance, when we stand nose-to-nose, when we run, oh
How do I tell you
How I am flying?

((I'll probably put the poem up alone for Seed's Poetry Corner later...also, I like writing sappy love poems.))

I love it! <3 I'll let

I love it! <3 I'll let Payton speak later, but I have some errands to run!