The Uitleger Files

---sorry for repost: I wanted to move this away from my main account and refine it, as it was posted hastily.

Hey, reader. As introduction, my old main account was Vanilliana - you might know me by that name. This post is about a now former and predatory user of the community, Uitleger. This is my experience with him.
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Below are highly NSFW links. View at your own discretion.

Files of confirmation of him being aware of my age, plus some other things that definitely shouldn't have been happening.
If you want more, I'm happy to share the html files that I saved with the help of the log-retrieving program Skyperious.
----------edit: 17th of june picture he's talking about a dream he had.

Art that he made for me, to my request.
I have many more. A lot from my part as well. I loved them back then.

You could see it in many ways, I feared having it tossed in my face, and I got it from here and there - If you want to see it as two consenting adults doing private stuff that shouldn't be shared, go ahead. In that case I think you're lacking in the empathy department. I used to have so much shame about this because I initiated, I reciprocated. My goal is for you all to be informed of the things that happened - nothing else.
There was so much more on my side on the emotional part. To me, it wasn't impersonal. To me, it was deeply personal to the extent of wanting to make the relationship real. You can think and tell me that it's my fault, if you want to. In my opinion that only defines you.