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Big Bad Wolf

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? and my page.

and my page.

Would you be up for a

Would you be up for a roleplay by any chance?
Would love to throw Märchen at him.
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Sure! Here or on a sep. post?

Sure! Here or on a sep. post?

Here's fine, if that's

Here's fine, if that's alright?
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That's perfectly fine. ?

That's perfectly fine. ♥

Awesome (: -- With the most

Awesome (:

With the most recent snow fall past, and the ground turned to slush, all there was want for would have been a nice, cozy fire. Something to warm the folklore's body. Hell, she probably would have crawled into the pit would it not burn her. Alas, that wouldn't happen. She was sure that flames still harmed her in this given form. No matter how strange it may be.

The doe often thought things in this place were strange, yet backtracked when she came to these conclusions. What was the level of strange here? Was there even a level? It hadn't seemed that with the amount of awkward faces she had seen during her short time here. The place seemed a mess of the masses.

As the sun brought in the light of a summer's day, things had proven somewhat difficult. She lay there among the ruins, a lump of fur and bones. Eyes kept in what seemed to be a perma-squint beyond the shadow of her skull; a furrow of a brow unseen. Light hadn't failed her in the aspect that it blinded her a great deal. A nuisance, but one she'd gotten to know rather quickly.

Letting out a huff, she slid her head to the side to hang off the edge of the ruin wall. The action making an obvious scraping noise that echoed off the nearby columns as skull carved against stone. It had been quiet so far on this morning, leaving her mostly to her own thoughts as she pondered reason after reason for multiple things. Some of them being things she probably would never understand. Beyond her musing, Märchen felt lost. A stranger in a strange land. All she knew was that she was alive. Where she was at? Well, that had been just another question. As much as she understood, she was in a forest that wasn't a part of the world of humanity. Wherever that may lie.
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Ichabod had taken to the Ruin

Ichabod had taken to the Ruin whilst the snow melted; he loathed how it gathered in the small space between his hooves, and refused to step into the slush. He hoped that it would be gone soon - it was beginning to get hot already. His fur had kept him warm for the majority of the storm but was quickly becoming a burden. He had thought that, perhaps, the snow would cool the forest down for some time. His fur changed that, and even if the air chilled his hooves and tines, he would still be uncomfortably warm.

His head was perched on a broken column, body slacked to the side of a slab nearby and it served as some kind of a headrest. Something to get the blood flowing to his head. He had been ravishing himself in the silence of the morning and took this time to catnap; however, it was broken by an unsettling screech that rose a loud grumble from his throat.

He turned his head slowly with a disgruntled chuff, glaring at anyone who might have caused the noise. To his surprise there was nobody there but one doe, one with flowers in her antlers, and he shot a glare at her before resting his head on the slab. His eyes remained open no matter how much he urged them to close, and he found himself staring at an opposite column in ennui.


Track! Laughing out loud

It was as Märchen's head hung

It was as Märchen's head hung limp did her ears pick up the grumble from nearby. She tensed as the fur between her shoulders spiked even more than usual. Slowly, her neck stiffened and she brought herself to look around through the morning shadows. One such shadow, she found, wasn't a shadow at all, but a great mass with its own source of life. And not only that, she could faintly see the dark id that surrounded them.

The folklore sat up and yawned. Wherever the other had come from, she didn't know, and it almost irked her that she'd been snuck up on. Well, sort of snuck up on. But what could you really do when you're in a daze?

The stag's dark features gave her a great outline of his bulk. It was his face that made her curiosity grow: a skull. But something seemed different. She noticed his id did not hover over the piece like it did with the rest of his body. Coming to the conclusion that it was a mask, the faint hope that this was possibly someone who was like her died rather quickly. Mmm. A shame. She would think it somewhat interesting to find another of her kind. Whatever that was.

A silent moment passed rather quickly between the two before Märchen moved once more. Thin legs dangling off the edge of the ruined wall as she slid onto a lower slab. She was too big to actually maneuver her way around the columns, but she managed by landing on the stone pedestal in the middle of the courtyard. Her hooves making small clacking noises as she did so, though in truth she tried to keep as quiet as possible. A part of her not exactly wanting to disrupt all of what could have been considered a quiet, golden morning.

Curious eyes blinked toward the larger brute as she lowered her head and spoke. "So big, yet so silent." A obvious observation and perhaps a compliment as well. "You must tell me your secret." There was a soft, amused snort that whisked up from the skull's nose hole.
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He lay still as the other

He lay still as the other approached, not too silently at that, and kept his gaze fixed on the wall. It was too early, too early for others to approach him but he couldn't bring himself to sleep again. Not to mention that the light shone obnoxiously in his eyes and sent him into pain. His breath was paced long and silent, with slow drags. One could hear the air filling his lungs if they were close enough, albeit the doe was not. He was far from being silent as she soon said.

The beast stirred to life, sighing deeply as his morning was ruined. It would have been perfect if he would have been left alone, but no, he was far too interesting for most in the forest. He had actually been seeking out a place to rest to clear himself - the inhabitants had certainly taken an interest at him and it was slowly ebbing away at his mind. His need for time alone was more important that whatever small talk the doe wanted.

He gruffly yawned and rose, the full extent of his tines easily reaching the top of a column albeit his shoulder only touched about halfway. To him, the doe was tiny. A pest. He felt his scar ache bluntly and he growled quietly, not at the doe however.

He held a firm gaze. "I'm not as silent as you believe I am," he spoke lowly. "And, I'm afraid that if I were to tell you my secret, it would no longer be one. Now, you, why have you woken me, especially when I have been trying to rest?"

? wanna sometime met this

♥ wanna sometime met this handsome ='D

The doe cocked her head to

The doe cocked her head to the side, watching as the stag got up. She believed his antlers rather impressive compared to her phantasmal ones. Then again, she only believed that because she was a female. From her knowledge, hinds didn't wield antlers like bucks or stags did. But because she had antlers, she figured herself rather lucky. Different.

If she wasn't already made different by the fact that she had a skull for a face.

When it was apparent the other handn't caught on to her little joke about silence, there was a small indent that appeared on the side of the skull's forehead: a raised brow. "Woken you? And here I thought you were already wake. All of that grunting and groaning, hehe." The inclination that the other hadn't been as silent as she originally proclaimed was made obvious by the tone she took. It was edged with some sort of amusement, possibly even some entertainment. "I mean, you even got to your feet." At this point she had closed her eyes against the sun, making it appear as though the skull held dark, empty sockets.
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I`m still laughing at the

I`m still laughing at the combat section/flees
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for our rp just gonna leave

for our rp
just gonna leave my email ;v;

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Hi sorry that you had to wait

Hi sorry that you had to wait a long time so here it is! Even on a transparent background.
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-cries a million tears- Leb

-cries a million tears- Leb needs cuddles with this guy stat!
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i am the queen of procrastination sorry

also i just read her updates and ffffffffffuuuuuuuck, sends emergency snuggles

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double the snuggles

double the snuggles

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>.< I wants to rp with hims

>.< I wants to rp with hims again when you have the chance. I love him so much. ♥
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Bigbss -leaves a track-

Bigbss -leaves a track-
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Leb: -mews and rubs all over

Leb: -mews and rubs all over the place-
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zak: haha, thanks (: lil:

zak: haha, thanks (:
lil: grumbles B((( ur getting fur everywhere.

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-cries in a corner- but I

-cries in a corner- but I misses youuuuu
[edit]: Come home with meeeee Ichaboddddd.
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wHEEZES ur funny

wHEEZES ur funny

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D: -crawls under a rock

D: -crawls under a rock because mr sexy no love me-
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lifts up rock what r u doing

lifts up rock
what r u doing

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-sprawls out and offers wine-

-sprawls out and offers wine- draw me like one of your french girls
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i ha d to draw this also

i ha d to draw this
also forgot the wine,

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Lmao I just laughed so hard

Lmao I just laughed so hard xD
You can't tell me that that face doesn't make you want to follow her home.
Is now blind because human Ichabod is so damn smexy. -drools everywhere-
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oh man, following this hunk

oh man, following this hunk *v*