Seed's Poetry Corner: A Pair of Pond Poems

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Freeform this time. Written while sitting with Magnet tonight. Diary Entry (hopefully) coming in the morning.


They are otherworldly dancers,
with long trains and white sleeves
on dresses painted with blossoms of color.
They move like the flight of birds
like the tranquil buzzing of dragonflies
Clustering, they pinch and nibble
at water-born roots and gulp
at crunchy fallen insects.
They dwell in a blue-tinted world,
in the underwater forest of lilypads
and the shadow of the bloom.

Hovering Wings

Mud-hidden stones glimmer ; reeds
gain irradescence. The shimmering
water is hurled back
in on itself. The world
becomes bright and blurred,
full of surreptisious
whispering, of buzz and hum
and the softest flickering.
The world seems to glide
for all the frantic flapping,
when seen through the wings
of a dragonfly.

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