Seed's Poetry Corner: Carnival Dance

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I was born, 6 years ago, not long after a Carnival much like this, and with confetti in the air...How nostalgic.

I'm not normally the sort of person to write a poem like this, but...Well. Perhaps just this once.

Carnival Dance

The blissful blizzard of color falls,
like brightly-colored fawnhood days;
swirling in a festival dance that enthralls,
crossing the mind just to tumble away.
The magic rushes through us, fresh and new --
Like a lullaby I've heard before,
The glittering whiteness, the shifting hues,
bounding gleeful into something more.
The dance of the colors, now, seems like a loop,
I never dreamt I'd have the chance,
To see it close it complete, all swish and swoop!
But here it is, as the carnival dance

Turns me round and I look backwards, seeing all I've been --
And with a laugh rejoin the music, all to dance this song again.

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