When Your Gravity Fails

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dax Wolf/deer. Maned, striped. Magic sensitivity; occult detection.
Masculinized outer anatomy, young-bearing reproductive system.
Scavenger. Bone-eater. Grave-robber.
Bite force - crushing and crumbling over ripping and tearing.
Mother, Father, Brother
Firstborn, Secondborn, Thirdborn

'Long' Pelt • Skull Mask • Butterfly Antennae » Default (signifies bristled fur)
Occasional skull mask (not currently worn) Reference

Χ Sudden movements, direct approaches, canine dominance hierarchies, condescension, boorishness, insincerity, mockery
♥ Space, passivity, loyalty. Creature comforts. Affection, food, and sleep.

Liable to react aggressively when feeling threatened. Low self-esteem, high self-interest.
Young adult. Playful, inquisitive, volatile. Materialistic, fickle. Bitter, defeatist, skewed humor.
'Submissive' body language can be indicative of, but not restricted to, feelings of respect, discipline, guilt (sometimes preeminent), restraint, anticipation, and, in rare cases, put on for self-preservation. More often a social nicety than a sincere reflection of their role.

Jan 12th, 2018


Satisfied, striving.
Indiscernible sickness and injury, veiled and masked through imbued piercings.

Returned to the Forest late into the morning with their third whelp, Glynn, very much awake and seemingly in perfect form.

Jan 11th, 2018

Finding their disappointment is a roving beast that has them tugging at strings loosened by loved ones and strangers alike. Driven to a profound high and then a corresponding low realizing Gia's scent was faint, but present, at her den. In the end, finds it no more or less revealing than other slights.

Managed to exchange few words of reassurance with Devani after a brief time spent with their only daughter. Tender but cautious toward both newborns who are unequivocally seen as belonging to Devani.

Has started to feel an unspoken (and likely temporary) identification with their 'sleeping' whelp. Visiting at a remote altar between night and morning feedings of its siblings.

Jan 6th, 2018

Delivered Devani's offsprings late into the night, a coupling of the past months' trials that reaped mixed and bittersweet rewards.

Left the Wisp to get acquainted with her children while they left the Forest to contend with the tragic delivery of the third whelp in private. With its body surrendered to a secure place, and the previous occupant evicted, returned to Devani and their two surviving young.

Dec 15th, 2017

On learning of the successful rerouting of a chronic affliction into a viable pregnancy, has taken the clearest methods possible to ensure the best lives for their unborn offspring. After dictating the terms with Devani as part of the process, spoke with Greitai, Eve, and Starless to ensure they were aware of their mindset and also informed Winter-Rose and Sky-Sight of the impending events.

Welcomed the birth of Lina's pups in the shadow of Gia's death and departure from this world. Strewn into a bitter reclusiveness for the weeks that followed along with the decimation, in their eyes, of various promises whether spoken or implied from those held closest. Hostile and antithetical in response to the smallest of missteps from the few that cross their path.

(but mostly they have a new set?)

Aug 15th, 2017

Quality time with the brother-in-law.

July 31st, 2017
Spent much of the day contemplating a nearby Joriah from the corner of their eyes. Slowly but tensely eased into the idea of spending time around one of Devani's family members, helped a little more when the dijini joined them after too long.

Later, was somewhat misled into supervising one stranger (Lemon) at the urging of another (Pagan). Had a vague sense as the latter's history with Devani and also of the origins of Lemon's injuries, so wasn't completely blind in allowing the wounded doe to take a respite near them. Still, didn't anticipate the violent nature of Pagan's plans for the evening, and was left with a sunken feeling of apathy, if not spite, when she disappeared into the Birch and didn't return until long after Saturn had made a pointed visit to the doe that had been left behind.

Snaked around Devani and Joriah, and watched despondently when Pagan eventually returned to collect Lemon. Hit by a delayed urge to sink teeth into the wounded doe's heels as she was led away. Ended up making a few halfhearted snaps at the air between them, and returned for a stress nap near Joriah when Brille arrived...

July 23rd, 2017
Unhappy but happy but not happy.

April 18th, 2017
Had a somewhat tense encounter with Fay and Starless at the Ruins a few days ago. Tepid and closed in response to many of the messages Fay tried to convey, having made up their mind weeks ago to accept the Viperidae's tie to Starless, and never having expected that to be a simple feat. Quietly relished the confirmation that the minor snarls sent her direction weeks ago had clearly stayed with her, though any petty satisfactions were overshadowed by concerns, on noting her almost predatory manipulation of Starless in the process.

Deliberately spent a few more minutes with Starless afterward in a silent attempt to soothe or dismiss what insecurities they could, for him, before moving off to be alone. Along with somewhat worrisome remarks from Sky-Sight regarding the Hellhound and her actions toward her in the Rut, unsettled and conflicted over how to handle things gently enough for Starless, and properly for the family as a whole. Given the outcome of violent revenge schemes in the past, forcing themselves to strip a massive amount of worries down to the sole, most important - putting Starless's feelings over their own revulsion. Left later to check on those staying outside the Forest, where circumstances quickly grew out of hand.

Returned from a two day hunt with no sign of the marks or trauma smattering their coat as their loved ones. Seems fine in body, though eyes are notably empty.

April 12th, 2017 Doing the 'normal thing' when virtually everyone you love are spending their time in different worlds, and dedicating 90% of their free time to lounging in the Forest completely alone. Hasn't really been able to decide on whether to spend time with Devani and Nasim in the shadows, or Gia and Eve in another realm, despite the portal temporarily opened between the two, so has opted for none of the above. Visits long enough to check in and make offers to take Nasim to the Forest that usually go refuted due to the boy's (understandable) preference for spending time with Devani in relative civilization, and not sleeping 20 hours a day out in the elements with occasional breaks to scavenge around the forest with a self-loathing wolf and see if anything died.

Visits occasionally with Winter, Star, and Sky, but lets them all have their outings the same as with the others. Checks in on a few faces and locations, but shirking certain intentions that they had going in with the realization they aren't relevant anymore. Also got a little gift from Viktor a couple weeks ago, which gave them once less thing to worry about; glad for it as well the use two of their offspring got out of the presents.

(is it time to start saving past entries??)

February 23rd, 2017 Steady enough over the past few days, relishing in time spent with their offspring but easily accepting the space that frequently separates them as well. Skirted around the Playground for that reason today, and glanced over Devani and Brille before noticing the little body nestled beside a sapling. Turned to leave the family to their time together only to have Devani run up behind them and yank on their tail, hindering their escape.

Brought back to Brille and the child - Joriah - with great trepidation, owing to the tragic events that had followed after last meeting one of Zafeiri's brood. With the barest of sniffs to the fawn that was meant only to satisfy Devani, slunk a few paces away and curled up forcefully, immediately trying to forget the scent.



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Don't worry about it. Elliot

Don't worry about it. Elliot is sort of drawn to other families thus far since he lacks his own. Plus he loves children of all sorts. Not to mention Elliot is still fearful of some of the thing on TEF. So he's awkward. But likes to be a sort of sentry for others.

Awkward chars are the best.

Awkward chars are the best. :) He sounds super sweet--hope to see him around more (on Soét or even a nicer character some day... hopefully).

Happy Birthday Soét

Happy Birthday Soét<3

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Happy Birthday Soét.

Happy Birthday Soét. <3 Don't go thinking you'll be getting any slack tonight!


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happy birthday Soet! omg.

happy birthday Soet! omg. ♥
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She's a year old? Happy

She's a year old? Shocked Happy birthday!


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Jehoel is so confused

Jehoel is so confused asdfasdf

POOR GUY, sorry Soét is

POOR GUY, sorry Soét is psycho Jehoel....
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LOL he'll be ok. He's just

LOL he'll be ok.
He's just "everyone is staring.......aaaaand now that one is angry"
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I think Elliot wanted to baby

I think Elliot wanted to baby sit earlier. Too bad I had to leave so soon T.T

Draak - Sadly I think more

Draak - Sadly I think more than one was aggressive. sob looking at you Sóet

Acurna - Sorry we missed you, although Soét's been pretty feisty lately so might be kind of irritable. :X I apologize in advance for any rudeness from the dog and hope you've been well!
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Aw, yeah. It'll be alright,

Aw, yeah. It'll be alright, Jehoel's not really one to take it personally. He'll come round with tea later.
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Poor Soet T.T Elliot doesn't

Poor Soet T.T Elliot doesn't understand how he can be perceived as a threat by something that looks like it would happily eat him XD That, and he didn't understand anything Soet was doing X.X (And I have trouble picking up on it as of yet, too)

AH thank you so much for

AH thank you so much for commenting! I was worried about causing any OOC confusion (IC is understandable too :X god knows Soét is a mess) especially since you just recently came back to the game and I know Vee and Malene are friend of yours! Hate that I keep throwing my least friendly (and probably most visually confusing) character at you... Elliot seems so sweet.

Soét is super protective of the pups since they're so young, although doesn't usually hold them under lock and key especially as they're getting older and seem to be making friends well. However after a few attempts made by others to abduct the pups just days after they were born, and the fact that Elliot is HUGE and kept following/facing them directly, Soét tends to get in a very pursued and threatened state of mind. The harder it is to chase an individual off, the more they seem scary. On the flip side, if someone's easier to push around/chase off, then they're generally tolerated a lot easier because Soét feels confident they'll leave the pups alone if needed (even if it doesn't end up working out like that, haha). Just a super paranoid parent, and has always been very fear-aggressive on top of that. I really apologize and hope you don't mind. :X

Also, do you have Skype? You're free to add me in case you ever need any explanation about my weirdo's behavior. :) I'm eleven.dollar.bills
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Jehoel'd just be all

Jehoel'd just be all "...welcome to the club" at Elliot LOL < /terrible>

LOL, yeah sadly I'd say Soét

LOL, yeah sadly I'd say Soét probably places them both in the same club...

Thought I'd tracked this

Thought I'd tracked this aaages ago.
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Overdue retrack.

Overdue retrack.
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you play him sooooooooo well.

you play him sooooooooo well. <: and poor Soét, Symph keeps bully her around.

Same back at you!! Love the

Same back at you!! Love the way you play Symph. And LOL, don't worry--I'm sure Soét will (try to) get her back some time, but Umay was a pretty effective deterrent.

(...don't mind the wonky comment coding. :/ think Soét's bio is telling me it's time for a makeover.)
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aww thank you! Hahha can't

aww thank you! Hahha can't wait for that to happen. : D
ppftt, no worries at all. <3

Gorgeous biography. I recall

Gorgeous biography. I recall coming across them during the rut.

Thank you, Uit!! I think I

Thank you, Uit!! I think I remember Lem bossing Soét around (Soét liked it of course). Bahaha.

..and don't mind any edits/bio bumps, trying to fix the thing.

There we go! Cool as that

There we go! Cool as that was.
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Ffff. Well it was a good

Ffff. Well it was a good dramatic update! Gutted to have missed out on that.

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Aaand track. c':

Aaand track. c':
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Oh, Soet would actually be

Oh, Soet would actually be fine haha, Jyoti currently has no fire and cant even summon a glow. =(

oh duh... I knew this. Thank

oh duh... I knew this. Thank you, will fix it now!
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Oh my gooosh Soét is

Oh my gooosh Soét is GORGEOUS.

Edit: u missed a spot tho...

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what is this. WHAT IS

what is this. WHAT IS THIS.
//dies and falls into the abyss

Thank you for the track,

Thank you for the track, Nepence! And LMAO Vee, the cone will probably be essential when Dev finally takes them to the vet to get them fixed. Glad you approve!
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*plenty O paw print

*plenty O paw print planting*
Eeeee~ You're so cool!
I welcome you with open arms to stay away from me
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needin' to track a pretty

needin' to track a pretty 'dax

Thooought I was tracking

Thooought I was tracking this!
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Whaaat. Plops down. Cause


Plops down. Cause track.

Gonna sit here, because I've

Gonna sit here, because I've been meaning to track for like..years lmao.
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babe e- omg i was already

e- omg i was already tracking..
the double just shows my love...

it's almost like brit doesn't

it's almost like brit doesn't update enough or something...
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see, that's exactly the

see, that's exactly the problem
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I actually don't remember if

I actually don't remember if I have this tracked anymore smh so hERE WE GO



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Real liking that sketch.

Real liking that sketch. Props to sleepything.


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