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The Vulture

Eliah (E-lie-ah), "Eli" (Ee-lee), The Vulture, Beard Master,


Body appears to be a Prime Adult
Came into existence in June 2014


True Neutral

References: later
Size: Slightly short of 15
Set: Beluga Pelt • Zombie Antlers • Skull Mask/Maskless

description soon

• Plain Bone Beads; given by Balthanos. Worn. [24/06/2015]
• Two white feathers. Collected. [15/08/2015]

Bone-Cracker (nsfw, tw; gore)

• Non-confrontational.
• Roams between high places.
• Productive; Acts, does not wallow.
• Keen sense of smell. Incredible eyesight.
• Feels a natural kinship towards avian characters.
• Envious of those who possess the ability of flight.
• Drawn to fights, predatory, weak, and aggressive characters.
• Bird like head movements. Powerful neck muscles to accommodate this.
• Clean freak. Officially has no scent, faint floral spice aroma from environment.
• Slowed down by his size and weight. Incapable of agile movement; any play is likely to exclude excessive running as it drains his energy faster.

PhysicalOkay. / MentalGuarded.



(All art is officially outdated. Takes the form of the Bonesplitter at all times.)

More elusive since the incident, though has been about gathering various materials.

Personality RelationsThe Bonesplitter

LiarPassiveRealistLacks EmpathySecretiveManipulativeCynicalIntelligentOver-analyzingAvian MannerismsEndlessly PatientTolerantSeems FriendlyCalmPrivate

Very bird of prey like behaviors. Has a straight-forward and realistic view of life. Cynical, and believes that much like himself, everyone who tries to befriend him is out to exploit him. Doesn't necessarily dislike them for that though; he will pretend to care, accommodate, because perhaps their "friendship" will be of use to him. In the end however, everyone is viewed as eventual food.
Prioritizes himself over others and may use others for his own gain. Friendships must benefit him. Truly indifferent about the lives of others. Drawn to predators and sickly individuals. Capable of feigning sympathy. He's incredibly difficult to form a real bond with. Avoids conflict if he can help it.

Scavenger of bodies and collector of bones. Isn't very moral on who he'll eat, but aware of the morals of others and so practices extreme caution; excessively grooms himself.
Endlessly patient, especially when it comes to the dead or dying, but not above killing someone who's close to death as long as he knows he can get away with it.
Prefers to keep these habits secretive so that he can maintain an inconspicuous reputation. Manipulative, intelligent, and very careful about the impression he gives others.

Very discrete about his stalking. Sits facing the opposite way to reduce suspicion, keeps his distance.

Wanders excessively between high locations. Has very keen eyesight, capable of seeing things great distances away. Dislikes the rain as it obstructs his vision and makes it difficult to pick up on scents. He doesn't really hunt, but is always searching for something to scavenge.

Leads a very passive and private lifestyle, and despite everything, he's not a malicious being.