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Personality - Friendly VERY friendly, Curious, Defensive, Rarely angry, shy (but later in friendship,can be very hyper), aware, and cheerful.

Disorders from birth:



-[Schizotypal Personality Disorder] = Personality disorder that is characterized by a need for social isolation, odd behavior and thinking, and often unconventional beliefs.

+ + = Hello,want to play?

+ = Follow me?

+ + = I cannot talk.

+ + = I lost my set, can you help me get it back?

+ + = i have to go Sad.

Mute's Best friends (Done by the amazing Munkel) (there are lots more, but there's only a couple in this drawing.)--

Origrins - Mute was born not releasing a single noise out from his vocal cords, note his name, Mute.
Mute never met his parents, he grew up by himself not knowing what the big world held in it's hands, not taught how to do certain things was intensely difficult. Mute, hungry, thirsty, and frightened .. finally gave up, sat down by a very old decrepit tree it seemed to have a safe essence , and managed the only noise he could possibly make, cries. Mute's cries could be heard throughout the forest as he awaited his imminent death.

All his power could not stop him from crying. Suddenly, the old decrepit tree began to glow a bright blue, the forest seemed to hum in return to the glowing spirit tree, a spectral figure walked out from the forest shadows, a tall spirit blue stag approached Mute,
"Fear nothing child, for I am protecting you, WE are protecting you. Always."

The blue stag slowly walked through Mute and his own, small fawn body began to glow the same, spectral blue. Mute's cries evidently stopped as Mute slowly stood, somehow. On his way up his body had grown to transform into the exact same stag, his mind suddenly grew the knowledge to achieve most tactics in order to survive. Mute lived life on, like a usual stag would.

-The continued story of Mute, The Soundless Masquerade...-

~The Blue Spirit Stag and Mute's un-existing past~

"Fear nothing child...for we are protecting you...always..."

The Blue spirit stag comes along into the story right after the time Mute dies, The Blue Spirit Stag fuses with Mute, but the question still lingers. "Who is The Blue Spirit Stag?" 'What is it?'

The Blue Spirit Stag is a clutter of passed souls from Mute's family. Mute's family had and always has been cursed with soon death, Mute's family's souls have been formed into one spiritual stag form.

"Fear nothing child, for I (we) am (are)protecting you, always." echoed throughout every soul of the family, leaving Mute, the last and long living prophet of the family.

"He who experiences the unity of life sees his own self in all beings, and all beings in his own self, and looks on everything with an impartial eye."

Mute, right after he had been resurrected, began to wonder around this 'endless forest'. He passed a rock, a tree, two and fro, and began to notice, there were other life forms in this forest? Amazing, This new founded Blue Stag had announced loudly in his tamed thoughts. The stag trotted around the lake, making sure not to fall in so he kept his head always pacing from his forward and his left.

He suddenly jumped, hearing scratchy musical sounds erupt from his side and almost fell in, he peered around confusingly and did not see anything, so he started walking again, once more he heard the sounds and jeered his head straight down, he noticed he had stomped right next to a little bug-creature, it's dashing looking green hide covering it's soft insides, Mute crouched down low to see the creature and it made it's beautiful sounds once again by rubbing it's legs together. Mute's puffy tail started to swing as his ears perked up, his smile as well.

He loved this insect, he leaned down and it hopped on his antler, Mute almost fell over into the pond, but stood his balance. He and the insect journeyed around the forest, at times the insect left to eat and then returned, landing on Mute's antler with a plump tummy, it seemed satisfied with Mute and he felt the same.

One night it began to rain, Mute was so frightened by the cold splash down of these little darts, jetting themselves downward onto his pelt, that Mute had ran into the inside of a nearby giant tree. The insect, that Mute had soon learned, a grasshopper, shook it's small wings, swinging small droplets of H20 onto Mute's forehead. Mute's ears sprang up as he heard loud hums illuminating from the tree's inside. The Blue Stag almost fainted in beauty as the tree began to sing it's loud lullaby for the two dwellers. They both fell asleep.

Mute woke up to a sudden fright. The grasshopper had left him, he jumped up and scattered outside and slipped on the morning dew and looked up as he heard a loud hissing noise.
What he saw amazed him, there were thousands--maybe millions of the grasshoppers flying in one direction, he saw one take off course and head in Mute's direction. The grasshopper landed onto Mute's nose and nuzzled the area right above Mute's nose, letting him know that the little hopper did not leave without a goodbye and I love you. Mute watched as the green insect flew off into the distance of the other flying insects.

A tear met Mute's eye as he smiled, noticing the insect had left a small droplet of H20 on the tip of his nose.

After that day Mute had been exploring the bridge by the lake and the mysterious crying idol watching him from afar. He staggers, noticing the idol watching him and Mute trotted over to the depressed idol. He eyed it up and down. Suddenly a voice emitted from the idol.


Mute literally jumped a foot into the air and turned pale white, Mute looked at the idol and once again, it repeated. "Hello, are you alright there?"

Mute did not believe it, he was talking to a stone. "Maybe more than a stone?" He thought. Mute looked at the idol and expelled words in his mind. "H-H-Hello?". Mute replied, thinking it was silly that he tried, but as astonished as he reacted, it replied to him. "Blue Stag, are you alright?" Mute's ears perked up and he continued to reply to the idol as the idol replied back. He loved that he knew he could have a conversation with an inanimate object, or maybe more, it was.

Mute and the idol had talked each day, from that day, that is. One day, Mute approached the idol and noticed that there was a white,black feathered, and red eyed object next to the idol.

"It's yours, Sir Blue." The idol had many nick-names for Mute, this one had been used many times.

Mute peered down at it as it looked like the face of white hawk with black feathers and red eye shadow over it's tiny eye slits. The Mask emitted white and blue smoke and started to magically hover upwards into Mute's direction. Mute watched astonished as the mask slowly landed it self onto his face and the smoke erupted, sending a loud echo of a soulless sounding clang.

Mute held his head up high, letting out a breathe of air and looking down onto the silence of the stream leading from the idol, looking at his new improvement, the mask, the feathers slowly being blown slightly by the breeze. He noticed something else hanging from his neck, a string around his neck, with a small bottle with a droplet of water in it. The grasshoppers blessing.

Mute looked up at the idol, "Thank you, so much" he exclaimed.

Mute heard a lot more voices after then, the mask seemed to increase the power of his telepathic speech, he noticed he could talk to a lot more inanimate objects, more than the idol, like the trees, the pond, the dragonflies, and many more. Mute came across two large idols sitting next to each other. He noticed there was another deer there, with the features, Black and night pelt, that seemed to have a beautiful silk shimmer to it, stars and lines on the sides,Capricorn horns, and a beautiful Venetian mask. Mute was amazed, the deer approached Mute and Mute almost fainted, having not met another deer yet and greeted Mute, Mute replied by making motions.

The she-deer did not fully understand what Mute had meant and Mute gestured his head forward, opening his mouth, attempting to tell her that he could not emit a voice or noise. His head propped up and he blushed as he heard her giggle at Mute's gesture, he smirked as the bottle of H20 swung around on his neck. Mute and the she-deer had much fun each day and Mute's feelings grew each day, he soon fell for the deer. She taught Mute her name, Munkel.

Mute had figured that he wanted to keep his feelings to himself with little heartly nuzzles, trying to give little hints on how his feelings were with her, but he did know that, he and the she-deer, were best friends.

He knew this friendship would last forever. "Or maybe more than -- 'friends? " The Blue Stag wondered, blushing.

Mute, from that day, had met a lot of more deer from that day, some rude, some odd, and some very fun and exciting. Mute knew that everything in the forest had meaning, emotions, and spirits. He lives on, knowing he is friends with maybe not every deer, but every obstacle and scenery in the forest and he loved knowing, he was their friends as well.

Mute and Munkel are now a happy loving couple.

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Hi there! I'm now on msn

Hi there! Smiling
I'm now on msn for a little while ^^
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(No subject)

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Aw.. Well I hope you're

Aw.. Well I hope you're school stuff stops getting so annoying and stressful xD.


Good luck, Vivi.
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Hey Blake Yes... finished

Hey Blake Laughing out loud

Yes... finished the first semester and all these last exams :]

I'm on msn now...
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Thanks good. Did you think

Thanks good. Laughing out loud

Did you think you did well on the exams?
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some yes... some no xD

some yes... some no xD physics was a shame... and maths I don't know it yet >_>' xD
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xD, well, I hope they turn

xD, well, I hope they turn out alright. Smiling
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*Rolls around in the

*Rolls around in the biography.*
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-blinks and watches- o_o

-blinks and watches-
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Hii... you're online o_O xD

Hii... you're online o_O xD
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*Continues and has a great

*Continues and has a great deal of fun.*
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You sneaky bugger. Viviane and I have been worried about you! Sarah too, I bet. xD <333
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Sorry I'm trying to get

Sorry Sad I'm trying to get online more often.
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Don't think I don't see you

Don't think I don't see you right now. o_o
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xD, hey there.

xD, hey there.
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Hallo! Did your MSN stop

Hallo! Did your MSN stop working? O:

Viviane and I were just talking about you recently. xD
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Nope, I just hardly get time

Nope, I just hardly get time to visit. Sad
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;__________; xDDD you're like

;__________; xDDD you're like a ghost... sometimes I see you on board but the next second... you're gone lol ^^
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I'm sorry. Dx

I'm sorry. Dx
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Track (:

Track (:

Avatar by Awentia, signature by Wildflowerdeer
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Thank you.

Thank you. Smiling
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hnnnnnnngnggg hef hef hef

hnnnnnnngnggg hef hef hef hef.


Hey there, stranger

Hey there, stranger Cool
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How are you today?

How are you today?

Pretty good so far! My hair

Pretty good so far! My hair is in need of a good trimming, but it's yucky outside so I'm feeling lazy x)

How about you? I haven't seen you around here in such a long time!
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:0 Entumente!? Haven't seen

Haven't seen you in forever, Hi! xD *hugs*
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FishBiscuit - Well, that's

FishBiscuit - Well, that's good! Well, you should go get it cut. I myself need one too. it's getting too thick for this weather. Hahaha. I've been pretty alright myself, enjoying the summer, exploring and etc, etc. I haven't seen you in forever either! What have you been up to.

Bayleen - I haven't seen you in forever either! How have you been, dear?! (deer, no pun intended) -Hugs- Smiling

I'll for sure do it tomorrow!

I'll for sure do it tomorrow! About a week ago I was due for a trim, but I was going camping, so I thought that it could wait. Now I have this weird outgrown mullet thing going on TT___TT (I don't mind the mullet part, but the overgrown part.. yeek)
Ahhh summer weather <3 I love it! It's excellent for exploring and all that great stuff, especially if you have a critter like a dog or ferret to take for a walk. I started university classes back in the winter, so that's kept me out of trouble x)
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Haha, I'm doing pretty well!

Haha, I'm doing pretty well! I'm so lazy like a sack of potatoes though xD
What about you? How's life?
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Fish- Ahhh. I understand what

Fish- Ahhh. I understand what you're going through. Shocked I had my hair permed (straightened), 'cause I was too lazy to straighten it always, and now it's growing out everywhere and curling and stuff so I gotta get that re-done, so it's not pleasant, hahaha. And yes, I love it too! The only problem is just the gruesomely hot nights. And oh, well that's pretty nice. :] I still remain in high school, so I hope one day to join a university and such in the future. I'll just have to wait for now. Shocked

Bay- Ahhhh. Me too! I'm always so laaaazzyyy. It might just be because of my major depressive disorder, but that's just me. xD I used to be all hyper and stuff but now it's all blah.

I'm actually pretty good nowadays, it's been going pretty good and everything. I'm doing better in school and outside of school, with life and all. A lot of new things have happened, though. Which make it twice as interesting.
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Ah I'm glad you're doing well

Ah I'm glad you're doing well c: It's summer break from school, and even though I'm lying around doing nothing it's better than school will ever be xD Especially since I practically hate my school... and not the kind of hate where you just hate school just because of homework, I have the kind of hate where just being in school makes me depressed and angry because of the people there. Well maybe hate is too strong a word xD Let's just say I despise it. People just anger me a lot, specifically the kind of people who are inconsiderate of others and could care less about actually thinking about their actions. -shrug- I've got people problems xD

But I've been feeling better, not only because I'm away from school, but I've been taking dance classes at my community college twice a week. Exercise is always good, and I really need to get into shape anyways xD

However, I am quite lonely... I have a group of good friends, but only two of those are my really close friends and I consider them sisters. We do stuff all the time. But if I ever feel a bit gloomy, I feel bad when I rant to one of them about it because they've got a lot harder of a life than I do so I think "Well, why should I complain?" My other friend whom I've known since we were five, I cannot talk to serious things about anymore... We used to, but that was when we went to different schools and we were a rock for each other. But now what we go to the same high school, I've met my other awesome good friend who is always there for me, but when it comes to my life-long friend she'll kind just shrug the serious things off. Like a "well that's life" kind of thing. She's the kind of person that thinks "Well it could be worse" if I want to talk about something that's been irking me or when I'm feeling depressed. Sure, it could be worse and I'm thankful that I have what I have, but that's not going to make my situation any better. So... I've been feeling kind of sucky lately that I can't really talk about serious things with my life-long friend. What's worse is that if she wants to complain about her life (even though she's the most fortunate of all my friends and can be very bratty towards her parents) I will still listen to her and give her the best advice I can..

O______O Gah, I've been rambling wayyy too much I'm sorry ;; I shouldn't be dumping this all on you, I guess I've become a bit desperate to talk to someone about this o.o I should probably go to Quad's Rant blog about this xD
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No, no. I completely

No, no. I completely understand. Trust me, if they're your friends, they care about you. Especially the life-long one. I have one of those, who I can't really tell ANYTHING to without him shrugging it off and saying something stupid in return, but he cares a shit load, and I'm pretty positive she cares about you. Trust me. It's something that just happens.

I think someone like that just jumps in our lives always, no matter how much it seems like they don't care, they do. To an extreme amount. You DO have your other friend, right? Maybe you can talk to her, even though it seems like she might have it worse, maybe she'll be able to help you with things, you know? I think she might be considerate.

And don't worry. I can hardly talk to any of my friends about serious stuff. I remember my closest and life-long friends stopped talking to me about 4 months ago because I started cutting my wrists and eventually we became friends again. So during those very many months of not talking to anyone, it was terrible, and it fucked me up very bad. I'm just very fortunate that I was able to get them back, even for what a terrible thing they had did. But I love them. If they loved you, then they'd listen. You have to make sure you let out what you're feeling, instead of bottling it up like me, because now whenever I get too bad of anxiety, depression, or anger, my mind automatically turns to cutting and it's not something you would want to start, if you hadn't started already. But you understand what I'm trying to say. If you EVER feel like you're a bother to your friends, then maybe that's a sign to ask them about it.
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Mmm.... Thank you for the

Mmm.... Thank you for the advice.

I know my faults so very well, and I now remember that one of my worst is focusing on the bad in people than the good... She's got a funny way of showing her friendship. She's pretty shy when it comes to hugs and physical affection like that. She is also very frugal when it comes to money (meaning, doesn't spend anything unless it's food because she loves sweets xD) - unlike me, who spoils my friends rotten to show them just how much I care (not saying that everyone has to spend their money on their friends, obviously this is just me and one of the ways how I demonstrate love). She is also the kind of person who has lukewarm opinions because she doesn't bother with getting into the serious things, whereas I have very strong opinions and I don't straddle on the fence when it comes to serious things. That's for a few reasons- I have been told by my teachers, parents, and friends that I am more mature than more teenagers these days. It also seems like most of the people at my high school think that just because you have a strong opinion about something then you're judging the opposite side of the argument. Or they take your opinions to the extreme and think that you're a "hater" of something. She is one of these people... It is for a bunch of these reasons that sometimes I questions her loyalty to me or just how much she is dedicated to me...

You see... When I love someone, I make it very obvious to them that I am always here and I will never desert them and how much I love them. And I mean it. I can't help but expect that, logically, that person will do the same for me. Wouldn't you want to show that person how much you love them in return for what they have done for you?

My mother just tells me to expect less from her- she will show her love, just with tiny actions. People say expect less. But... how do you do that? I can't just stop my brain, and my heart, to not expect anything... because it sucks not to feel appreciated for the things that I do. I really do believe that she does, but for me actions speak so much louder than words. I'd need some kind of manual on how to give without expecting to receive in return.

I do plan to speak with my other friend about this. She and I are very alike, perhaps even more a like than my life-long friend.


I'm sorry about your cutting... and I hope you never go back to it again ;; <33333 *huggle*
But, confrontation is practically out of the picture :/
One time I called up my life-long friend, telling her about how excluded I felt from her life because she was always busy with school, had just joined cheerleading, and we just weren't talking as much. I missed her. But when she replied to me, she was crying! She said she felt bad, and she was just so busy and she missed me too. This made me cry too because I felt bad for practically making her cry, so I was reassuring her that she didn't have to worry about me and that I'll always always be here for her and that I would live forever xD That lightened things up, and we settled things. That was two or three years ago... and I don't want to go through something like that again.

You never stop learning about your friends, but I do know her very well and she gets very defensive and denies certain actions- and sometimes she's in denial about certain things. Painfully stubborn xD So, I couldn't stand getting in an argument about it with her.

Plus, I don't know how big of a deal my situation is... Meaning- I could rant about my life-long friend as much as I wanted, but an hour later I can go to her house and be perfectly fine and happy with her. -shrug-

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Well, there's some things in

Well, there's some things in life we just can't change, if you and your friend are like that, it may never change, just like my cutting. But if you two keep getting worse and worse, then that's something you'd want to change.