[[The melody that cried that day, don't flow into this chest now.]]


Scent. Ten.
2022-02-14. Young Adult.
Tiger, avian influencegenetically neither.

She is a very serious and pragmatic person who often puts up with her uncle's silly antics, but she is also extremely respectful of her uncle and follows his instructions without hesitation. Homura is often accosted by her uncle, whose teasing takes various forms. Her usual reaction is to scold him or hit him with something. She has a very no-nonsense demeanor, which can be comedic when paired with her uncle, but is a noble trait when it comes to somber moments. Has a resting expression that is appropriately formal in appearance, being a mixture of halfway serious and halfway relaxed. A proper display of her diligent demeanor. Though naturally on the stern side, her eyes have a softness to them, which reflects her side of being also naturally reasonable and level-headed. Those eyes can be accordingly harsh at times, however. In times of stress or peril, she handles situations in a very mature and professional manner. Persistent and strong-willed. As well brave, ferocious, and dutiful. Quick to throw her support behind loved ones. When wronged or insulted, Homura can be headstrong, temperamental, and unafraid to dole out criticism, especially in the defense of those she care about. In her free time, likes to read, and often visits libraries.


Incantation magic, fire magic.

IC. Damage always accounted for.
Bio art by tzvii.