Look deeper in my eyes and upper lip

There is a forest in my left eye
A hunter and pal in my right eye
On my upper lip near the middle
Is a woman on a couch with
a walker in front of her
In he background in the deep shadow
appears a man peeking over the couch looking at
the woman's back

It is always like that. I get lost in the little pictures hidden in the details
where scenes of life play out intriguingly. Happens with tree bark too outside

The only mirror I know is scenes of life in the fur and in the eyeball

noticed that on trumps face

noticed that on trumps face anyone know what it is not on my face but beginning to appear in art and photographs ---the Y

Oh time to move forward from

Oh time to move forward from the Y face deer..... leaf play, spooking, pretending to be thankful when you are not---I will never be thankful fo the pain someone gave me especially the last 4 years. So I sing super high notes my way of screaming in public at them... so beautiful they say. hmmmm Once in awhile I get paid for screaming and sometimes it is an hour performance. LOL! Only the orchestra knows cause it is usually them causing the problems. When their lovers find out about each other it amuses me. Pain returned fully with a romantic song or one about divine love...````````````````````````````````

So then I during a performance do a harmonized note in between all the other notes. One that resonates all the way to the director's ear. They always grin like I heard that and then I have to help. Jazz professors like it and drop by.... I tell them it came from playing with deer

Tickle tickle tickle says Y deer.....