Harlequin Deer Picture Originally by Lauren viewed by writer for practice of sensory description

Soft white body of fur sensually sleeked back morphs into a set of four slender black legs ending in a trapezoidal hoof ready for pouncing and play. On top of the back lies the symbol for the five types of purple devils she unleashes as she prances. The last realm on her tail exclusively reserved for fawn imps who entertain and escape from their mentors with it. As her slender pearly white neck rises from the body her mask covered eyes highlights her demur Mona Lisa like smile underneath the puggish cute nose. On her head she wears a mask. Her eyes become the orange tadpole like form with the come hither hook. Below a set of black feathers extend out curvaceous but sturdy for all the tickling about to commence. Above a crest of the same black feathers to tickle those in the air space realm. Either side of the head an engaging set of well spread voluptuous rack marked with an orange circle invites streams of play. From the fingers of that enticing well spread rack more tickles stream to all.

****In Writing category added a bit more as in a Purpose writers use art for sensory details sometimes and then do a character sketch*****