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Sleeping Deer Beware! (Part 5)

It's been a while, but the Forest's self-proclaimed demigod is back for more mischief.

Just lounging around, waiting for you all to fall asleep.

Mini Ghost prowls for a little while.

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Ghost's Art

This is just to show that I'm still alive and out there, lost in the electric ether that is the internet.


Sketch of the Day - 3/30/10

Sketch of the Day - 3/29/10

-- Daily Sketches Archive


More TEF art can be found here LINK.


Concept art for a book series of mine.


Ghost in human form.


My haunts:
http://hauntedstudio.net (You can find more of my art here.)
http://haloghost.deviantart.com (I don't post that often.)
http://www.facebook.com/WickedGhost (You have to be logged in to view the page, at least that's how it works for me.)
http://haloghost.wordpress.com (My Art Blog)
http://juliedevin.tumblr.com (My Daily Sketch Blog, tied into my Facebook account.)
http://haloghost.blogspot.com (My Writing Blog)

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NaNoWriMo 2009!

It's that time of the year again!


National Novel Writing Month is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to novel writing. Participants begin writing November 1. The goal is to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel by midnight, November 30.

Anyone else going to participate this year?

(Also posted on TEF forum: Click me!)

Only a couple more days!!! *silly grin*
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A L C H E M Y (the unique art program)

I've seen this program used by others, so I decided to give it a try.

It's one the most fun programs I've used in a long time!

This is me having fun with Alchemy. (Using the Mirror setting [horizontal and vertical].)

A close up of the above.

More fun, this time with colors.

Abstract love! (Inverted in Photoshop cause it looks better this way. Laughing out loud)

With Alchemy, you can doodle, then move into Photoshop to play with your new shapes. I can see a dragon in there.

I can see a guy with horns and wings in this one...

So it's nothing to claim "masterpiece" with, but it can spark some creativity. I know I'll be adding this to my digital toolbox.

There's much more this program can do. I just haven't had the time to mess around with it. I know this sounds like an advertisement, but this program is worth an entry here.

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Livestream! (offline)


Only one person talked to me today, though I had a total of 5 viewers at one point. There must be some shy people out there.
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Ever since joining the Forest, I've created some photo manipulations. Most were silly ideas and some were concepts I wanted to see in game.

There was a topic on the forum where a bunch of us posted edited screenshots. I was *this* close to making a Wal-Mart one.

Imagine a waterfall similar to this in the Forest. (Screenshot from Guild Wars.)

When discussing new additions to the Forest, a giant turtle was mentioned. This here was my vision of what it may look like. (Screenshot taken from Guild Wars.)

I've always wanted to see willow added to the purple and red flowers a stag can wear.

With this new toy, no one can escape my drive-by spell spamming!

I had this idea for a giant willow tree, one where deer can climb into its limbs and sit or play.

"I cast a spell on YOUUUU!"

I joined the Forest October 13, 2007. This was, of course, when the Halloween fun began. This was also the time the scared action was introduced. So I couldn't resist.

That's all I can find for now.

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Adventures in publishing!

Tales of an Indie Author

There's nothing wrong about being an independent author.
We are the directors, editors, and producers of our dreams.


May 19th, 2009

Today is the release date for my second book in the Four Corners series.


I plan to have the third book published sometime next year. Why the long wait? I'm currently working on another series of mine. I plan to have the first book in that series out around October of this year.


September 19, 2008

I'm finally releasing my first novel! Four Corners: Masquerade has once again returned to the public, this time in print. Click here to purchase your very own copy!

I'm very nervous about this, but it's something I've been dreaming about ever since I began writing this series back in 2000. Oh, in case anyone wants to read an excerpt, I've posted the first two chapters on the site.
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My Concept Art Collection

Just setting up a blog to house all of my concepts.

Big Cat Series - White Tiger

Big Cat Series - Lion


Black As Night Set

Twisted Kabuki

Whitetail Deer

Unicorn Inspired

Ghost Stag - Version 1

Ghost Stag - Version 2
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The Mad King

In a goalless game, I find it interesting to make up my own little games. Not too long ago, I decided on a new game.
Enter The Mad King.

I was going to wait until October to introduce this one, but call me impatient, I just can't wait.
It's gets too lonely in that pond, and no one rarely visits him.
My plan was to see if anyone noticed this "deer" staying in the pond.
But after three days, I got too bored with that plan.

Day 1

I entered this world, this Forest, on a cool, rainy day. I found my skin to be the most interesting surface in my little world. Even the bottom of my world has an interesting texture.
This is my world.
This is my kingdom.
I am its King.

I soon become aware that I'm not the only creature in this Forest. There are others around me, but they look strange. Some even have branches like that of a tree, sprouting from their heads. But those branches are not like my weeping friends. These stand tall, too proud for any leaves of their own. But I do see some crowned with flowers, and the slights hints of leaves. Perhaps they were born from the trees, as I was born from the water.

The day continues on, and I grow tried underneath the constant rhythm of rain.

Day 2

I had a dream that night. I dreamt that I was one of those walking-trees. My skin crawled at the thought.

After a quick swim to fully wake, I found my new favorite place to rest. From this spot, I can witness many of those odd creatures jumping over me and even crossing this one stone structure.
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Sleeping Deer Beware! (Part 3)

I believe this needs no introduction.

So close! I missed you by this much.

Attacking the Clones!

I need to make a check list of all of my victims--I mean deer--that I have stumbled upon sleeping.

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