Deer Mask & Drop Tines

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Hmm, is this considered fanart? Can one 'fanart' one's own deer?
Anyway, Grim wore the deer mask for a while with the default antlers, though in my head I was picturing them more like this. If there's one thing I miss about the deer mask, its the sound of Grim's bellow when he was wearing it. Too bad the orca mask doesn't have any effect on that (an interestingly sing-song sort of whale-influenced call would be awesome!).
Apologies for the lazy colour-job; fatigue isn't conducive to good arting. *cough*
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Wow it's great ! O_O I love

Wow it's great ! O_O
I love the way you drew the real deer mask (I like this mask to, I think it's the one making the more realistic noise : it reminds me my childhood, when the stags were all troating in automn, near my parents' house ^^).
And about your "lazy colour-job"... I'm curious to see your art when you're not lazy ! It must be amazing Laughing out loud
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Wow!! Your art is truly

Wow!! Shocked
Your art is truly gorgeous!!
I absolutely LOVE your style! I wish i could draw like that...
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Very pretty. I especially

Very pretty. I especially love the way the horns look.
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You are very, very good at

You are very, very good at drawing realisticly, something I'm not so good at ^^; Lovely drawing, heh.

Oh my! This drawing is

Oh my! This drawing is amazing 0__0
I love how you've drawn the deer actually looks like a real deer! ^^
I wish I had your talent! *gawpsoverpicture*
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That's amazing! I love how

That's amazing! Smiling

I love how you have bits of the ears missing; it makes it look like the deer has been around for a long time. Maybe that's why he has such a wise look in his eyes.
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I'll add to the praise and

I'll add to the praise and say "Fantastic!!" < ^.^ > This is really beautifully done.
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I think it's beautiful! The

I think it's beautiful! The style is so realistic and I actually like the coloring very much ^^

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Thank you all for the kind

Thank you all for the kind comments! I'm hoping that Grim will make some actual friends in the forest, so I can start doodling multiple deer. *grin*
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Lucky you, you made it to

Lucky you, you made it to the front page, heh...I'll never be able to Sticking out tongue
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Gorgeous! I especially like

Gorgeous! Smiling I especially like the detail on the antlers.
[pixel deer by Aldebaran]
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I love this picture! The

I love this picture! Smiling

The antlers and the mask are so wonderful... the details are amazing!

Great art. Laughing out loud
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I love the bold colouring!

I love the bold colouring! The detail in that deer mask is just fascinating, and I love how you drew the antlers.
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Wow, that looks really

Wow, that looks really incredible! I love the amount of detail you put into this. That's my favourite mask too. ;p