Name: arsky
Age: young child
Gender : female
Birthday: 2-24-19
species: human/deer/rabbit
Size: #8
scent: lavender,rain

family: (none for now hoping to find a family.)

personality: quit, calm, timid,gentle,somewhat friendly (will add more as she grows)


Likes: Theo , Judyta , blind, Eira,deya,Giselle


-arsky fur is super soft it like silk or the texture of water.
-she cant run very far or for very long.
-she vey helpful and trys to help out
-she love to draw
-she hates cold weather

arsky dislike Large group, she okay with 3 people at most.she is slowly getting better being around more people.arsky like to wonder and find places to sit or nap.she has good heart and love trying to help others.she is very gentle and quit. she will somewhat shy from new people but try to be friendly.she will watch from far way until someone want her to join in.

(will try to make css for her)

Judyta (the white deer) has

Judyta (the white deer) has been happy to keep her company today <3

aww i was wondering who she

aww i was wondering who she was <3
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Theo has also enjoyed having

Theo has also enjoyed having them around. Hes the blue deer with the brown mask. Shes very cute!

aww < 3

aww < 3


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Hey there! Cute baby you have

Hey there! Cute baby you have here~

Here is a gift for you:

A pixel Arsky!
Hope you like it. ^-^

See you in the Forest I hope!
Sig by Lathyrus. ♥

aww thank you i love it ^^

aww thank you i love it ^^
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how cute!!

how cute!!
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