yet another portrait commissions post huh

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Hiii! idk whether anyone here even remembers me because i literally pop up once in a blue moon to open commissions and then disappear for ten years! ANYWAYS how have u been babies?? <3
that being said i'm currently trying to make some money with my art and if you're interested i have 2 PORTRAIT AND 1 BUST/WAIST-UP SLOTS OPEN!
honestly this post's layout is so ugly i just don't remember anything about coding ): but well it be like that sometimes. OH AND ALSO if you emailed me about commission before and i never got back to you PLEASE do it again(if u want to ofc) cause i have a terrible feeling i'd forgotten about someone )o:
check out my most recent works on instagram


• visual references are needed. usually i prefer having some kind of artistic freedom regarding overall mood of the drawing, pose, etc. but if u have a specific idea that’s great too!!
• payment is required once i’m done with your commission. cause otherwise i’m gonna feel anxious since i have a baby bitch disorder. all payments are in USD and processed through PayPal only babeyy.
• the price depends on how complicated your character is and how much effort i put into the drawing?? i guess?? BUT if u have a budget IT’S GREAT TOO (o: just let me know and we’ll figure it out. but honestly i don't think i'd ever ask more than the price u can see even tho it states "starting at"...
• portraits are human/humanoid only, sowwy ):
• I’M FINE WITH NUDITY and blood. unless it’s too much ok
• completion time might vary! please bear with me i have depression
• i do send out wips. like.. why wouldn’t i
• i reserve the right to decline your commission when i feel like i won’t be able to complete it!
• you may repost your commissioned pieces to personal galleries with appropriate credit and a link to one of my galleries uwu
• pls no deadlines!! it’s too much pressure and i don’t want to charge people even more than i already do!!!
• make sure you understand my artistic strengths and weaknesses commissioning me. like.. really. hint: female faces wink-wonk
• oh and u might’ve noticed the prices are a lil higher that’s because i grew a little.. and included the infamous PayPal fee
• should i add something else?? idek! just ask owo
Contact - halfbaket@hotmail(.)com or hb-k #5015 on Discord
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sent you a request on discord

sent you a request on discord <3
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oh no where's my money to

oh no where's my money to throw at u
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