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This is Raleigh's bio, the place where I post updates on him as well >w<
RP'ing is more than welcome! : D

He is:
A nasty piece of work.
So white he almost glows in the dark.
Hearing voices once in a while.
A womanizer.
A ladykiller. (literally)
Allegedly Redd's brother.
Immensely Jealouse.
Always wearing a calm smile.
In his (human years) early twenties atm. (26-06-2011)

Picto: "x" marks the three dots?...

Species: Think of an extremely fluffy white-tailed deer, kinda like these.

~A small interview~

My, My, what have we here?
A visitor?
Welcome, my friend, to my little spot here in our grand forest.
My name? Why, you are a rash little one, aren't you?~
My name is Raleigh, pleasure to meet you, my dear~
I know, I know, you have probably heard of me... Word travels fast in the forest, after all~
I'd like to point out she was dead when I got there and that wasn't what I was referring to anyway.
Geez, some people... *muttermutter*
Hm, apology accepted. Just don't let it happen again. I will not have such slander spewed at me for no apparent reason whatsoever.
Let's not dwell on uncomfortable subjects, shall we? Let's talk about me instead!
My leg? Yes, these veins may look a little... extraordinary, but I assure you, there is nothing strange about them, they are merely a small... injury... from my fawnhood.
You want to know what happened?
Oh, I just fell down a bunch of stairs~
Isn't my coat magnificent, though? I make a point out of keeping it that way too. White stains much too easily...
Hm?... What red spots?...
Oh, those! Just a birth-mark, nothing special, I assure you~
Now that formalities have been passed... Would you care for a pinecone? I know this wonderful little spot right by the pond... Or would the ruins suit you better? Ruins sounds like a good idea... Yes, the ruins, much better than the pond... we should definitely go to the ruins...
Hm? What's that?
You have other plans?
Well, another day, then, my dear~
I'll be keeping an eye out for you...

---------extended explanation of a confusing mind-------------
Raleigh shares his past with Redd, meaning they've been through the exact same thing. Only difference is: Raleigh remembers it. This has left him a little... odd.
He loves does and will run after any doe he sees and stick to her until he exits the forest again. As soon as he sees one, he'll run up to her, nuzzle her immediately and give her flowers if possible. He'll treat her like royalty... But chase away any other deer she tries to socialize with. He's that jealous. He won't share "his" does with anyone, and if they ever turn from him... He'll come after them. And get them. He'll even try to kill them.
But don't think you'll be safe, if you just stay with him either, because eventually he'll harm you anyway, lashing out sometimes at random and completely unpredictably.

He is manipulative and charming, being able to feign complete honesty and sincerity. But just below the surface hides the wolf in sheep's clothing, just waiting to strike... HiS MaSteR DEmAnDs sAcrIfIcEs.

He enjoys being in trees and sleeping in them. No-one quite knows how he gets up there, though...

He'll randomly threaten stags if they're too close to "his" does, and even pick a fight for no reason sometimes.

If he sees you running right by him, prepare to be chased!

As his brother got an enchanted hummingbird which granted him power, he got jealous and asked his master for something similar.
What he got was a very special finch with the power to hypnotise people... At the cost of some... nourishment from Raleigh himself. The stag is now always seen with a wound at the side of his neck which rarely gets the chance to heal. The finch's power is directly proportionate to how much blood Raleigh lets it drink.

------when in fight------
Despite being very thin and wispy, he's insanely strong. This strength mostly lies in him being incredibly fast, plus he uses his small, sharp antlers to poke out the eyes of his opponents. Y'see, that's why they're so small. He's not looking to antler-clash, he's looking to hurt.
Also, a mysterious magic pulses through his body, granting him an energy-boost when needed in exchange for.... something else. Mostly a bit of mentality, so he rarely uses this magic of his.
His blows are swift and unpredictable and he easily wins any fight against a weaker opponent. He fights incredibly dirty, never shying from all the tricks in the book, and a few un-written ones as well.
He will flee if damaged enough, but it takes a lot to get close to this air-run-spammer.
When defeated, he runs and hides for a few days, being as paranoid as he is. He'll avoid the victor in the future, maybe even cower in front of them, which is normally something he'd rather die than do.

RP guide

Scenarios which I am comfortable RP'ing Raleigh into:

NSFW-content including rape (exclusively off-site; contact me privately)

Off-limit topics:


---------Friends and other acquaintances-----------

Kheiron - Friend. Possibly best friend. Only stag Raleigh would rather not see hurt.

Illrose - Love-interest. Pretty much one-sided, but isn't it always with this guy? He's very protective of her, since she was his "first". (It's not what you think, he met her when he was still a fawn!)

Redd - his "brother", relation questionable. He seems very protective of him and nice against him, but Redd is obviously terrified by him. Plus there are those little, random things he sometimes says that freak Redd out...

Mystery - Another love-interest of his, but she's rejectant of him due to her having a mate already. That ain't gonna deter him, though.

Tazanna - His current romantic interest. He seems honest around her, almost normal...

Chick Habit.
I Can't Decide. This also happens to be what I imagine his voice to be like.


how come he's always prettier than his brother?...

----------Images NOT by me!----------
Doe, that lovely, little person, made this and it's awesome! >w< Go check out her other stuff, I COMMAND THEE!
Made by the lovely OceanWaves because I ninja'd everybody else and commented first XD
Made by the wonderful theswan. Seriously, this dewd has some skeels!

A little something by Midnightrose, which was unfortunately too big to put it in as a picture TwT;;
Clicking is encouraged, you'll laugh!

By Midnightrose!

A lovely, wonderful and absolutely beautiful birthday-present from Spyrre!

Birthday present from Vendetta and Technicallycolor! >w< Ain't it just purrdy? TwT

By Midnightrose to celebrate the adulthood of her doe > w <

Fgsfds, thank you so much, Ven! TwT

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Tracking for awesomeness

Tracking for awesomeness <3
I seriously LOVE his design <3
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Track. :') And agree with

Track. :')

And agree with minimuuh, his design is awesome. n_n
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And the best thing is: He's a

And the best thing is: He's a spur of the moment! XD



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Aww, thanks! : D

Aww, thanks! : D

No problemz ^-^ And by the

No problemz ^-^

And by the way, er Raleigh, try to keep Soko away from Night or Atu and you'll be paid a visit by Endfawn... *hehehe*

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*tilts head* Am I supposed to

*tilts head* Am I supposed to be afraid of that? *small, twisted smile*

You decide before you've no

You decide before you've no head to tilt... *walks off*

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*small, unnerving chuckle and

*small, unnerving chuckle and wide, interested eyes* "But please, do tell me more about your two friends!" *follows*

~Heads for the playground~

~Heads for the playground~ "Oh sure, both of them are does. Pretty ones too," ~climbs to top of highest rock~ "Come up here and I'll show you one."

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*looks immensely interested,

*looks immensely interested, but rather suspicious as well* *tilts head* "Why up there?" *still a small, sly smile at the corner of his mouth*

*sits, taps hoof on the

*sits, taps hoof on the rock,* "This is one of Atuutluks roosting spots. She's a crow as well." *Small smile, squints into distance*

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*tilts head and cautiously

*tilts head and cautiously starts moving... And is sudddenly standing right next to Soko* "A crow, you say?"

"Oh yes, she should be here

"Oh yes, she should be here soon, about..." *pushes Ralleigh off rock where he is snatched by a giant crow.* "That wasn't Atu by the way, *laugh* "see you around Raleigh"

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I. must meet this one *A*

I. must meet this one *A*

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*rolls on the ground with a

*rolls on the ground with a startled scream and lies still for a while, shaking... then a smirk slowly curls his lips* I'll be seeing you, Sokonei... You can be sure of that...
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Sonata: Well, advance at own

Sonata: Well, advance at own risk, he's not very fund of anything... not does TwT;;
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His name is scary close to

His name is scary close to mine. 'Specially the spelling. O.o -Eerie noises-
Anyways, I hope to see him in-forest sometime soon!
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I hope your deer won't find

I hope your deer won't find him a pest XD
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Oh, she rarely finds any a

Oh, she rarely finds any a true pest. She'll probably just imitate his behavior. Sammy is strange like that. Smiling
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Damn, that might end kinda

Damn, that might end kinda funny-looking when they're both nuzzling like crazy XD


I'm really bored

also I can't stop looking at the drawings of mr. raleigh here. They're just awezome, his expression, everything <3
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O mai. >.> Swift will have to

O mai. >.>
Swift will have to be careful as to...blend in if she sees that picto....or just go up to him and say hi, as naive as she is. ^^
(Been camping in a national forest, and it was fun. ^^....no pics though. Sorry.)

Signature/avatar are WIP.
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Aww, alright, I'll kick

Aww, alright, I'll kick Raleigh in there XD
And thanks! TwT

lol, I didn't realize it was

lol, I didn't realize it was you at once xD took me at least five minutes to recognize the picto xD /fail
Chickenwhite's picture

Genius XD Well, it is a

Genius XD
Well, it is a pretty new picto, and the pretentious little bastard is still a fawn XD

lol yeah, that confused me a

lol yeah, that confused me a bit too xD
but hey, what was up with that walking deer with the argus pelt? She got angry when I followed her, but when you followed her it was all okay xD I was like "well alright, if Raleigh's gonna follow her then I'll just stalk from a little distance" xD
Chickenwhite's picture

That was so strange! XD I'm

That was so strange! XD I'm getting the feeling she might not like deer with antlers... kinda like Raleigh XD noticed he tried to de-antler Kheiron? XD

hahaha yeah xD Kheiron was

hahaha yeah xD Kheiron was all like "oh so that's how it's gonna be 8D well we're gonna see about that..." but he doesn't really like to bother other deer and she DID seem angry, so he backed down after the third warning. xD
I thought she might didn't like stags at all. Dunno, I didn't catch who it was either >.> did you?

Hey there, That deer you are

Hey there,

That deer you are talking about is my Mikhail.
Please excuse his rudeness, he's just in a pretty bad mood lately. Don't take it personal.
And about the fawn... I couldn't see his picto, so I thought it was just another nameless *shrug*

I'm sorry if his behavior offended you in any way. *bows*

Oh alright, I don't really

Oh alright, I don't really think neither of us takes it personal^^ at least I don't -- or Kheiron, that is... he never gets offended xD no harm done <3
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That's okay, Raleigh isn't

That's okay, Raleigh isn't one to be offended by behavior like that, he's more likely to be the offender XD;;

Raleigh seemed a bit grumpy

Raleigh seemed a bit grumpy sometimes xD ...was he? xD
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Yeah, he's the kinda guy to

Yeah, he's the kinda guy to give any stag a good antler in the side TwT;;
He sees the entire forest as his territory and, well, he's a bit besides himself, having had a quite messed-up first day XD

Oh my word, I adore him

Oh my word, I adore him already O=O -intense staring lol-
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Oh dear, he's getting quite

Oh dear, he's getting quite the fan-crowd for being such a douche XD;;

Kheiron finds just about

Kheiron finds just about everything funny though. xD that's why he was laughing when you taunted him. xD
Messed up, you say? How come? xD

..jeez I'm spamming the xD-smiley today
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Hey, no big deal, when he's

Hey, no big deal, when he's laughing it means he's too busy being vulnerable to attack to pose any threat to my little narcissist XD

-Oh, and so am I XD

I would say it's impossible

I would say it's impossible to attack or offend Kheiron. xD YAH THAT'S A CHALLENGE BITCH
but seriously, he's met a few deers already that's been straight up mean to him, and he just doesn't care xD he either laughs at them or just imitates them. He actually got a reaaaally angry deer to eventually follow him and help him with his set Laughing out loud (...after half-an-hour, actually. But oh well xD Kheiron is patient with his fellow deer<3)
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Dewd, that's admirable as

Dewd, that's admirable as hell! XD

Indeed it is! xD ...well, I

Indeed it is! xD ...well, I only got him to spellspam me about 7 times until he got tired and angry at me again, but oh well. xD THAT'S NOT THE POINT, Kheiron did well<3 xD
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D= *pokes with a stick and

*pokes with a stick and runs*
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Indeed he did! *gives him a

Indeed he did! *gives him a medal XD*

Wait... Who did you poke,

Wait... Who did you poke, Spyrre? xD

yaaay, medal!<3 lol xD
ya know, if you ever feel like drawing me something... I would love to see what you could come up with for Kheiron with his human face. Because I think you could do it pretty damn awzm <3 Laughing out loud (not a big-ass drawing, just something simple like the "portraits" you have of Raleigh and Redd in their bios^^)
ONLY IF YOU FEEL LIKE IT, that was not a command of some sort xD

/still spamming xD-smileys
...AND your blog
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Awwww, Minimuuh (still love

Awwww, Minimuuh (still love that name, btw XD), I'd love to! >w< Especially since you asked so nicely TwT Got any ref-pics of his face? >w<

And Spyrre:
Raleigh: Did... did you just poke me?... *waaay too calm smile*

Nope, I don't, that's why I

Nope, I don't, that's why I thought it could be interesting to see what you could come up with xD Just draw him like you imagine him^^ I wouldn't have asked you if I didn't think you would do it well<3 and thank you for doing this, I'm honored :'D
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Aww, you flatter me way too

Aww, you flatter me way too much TwT;;
But I'll see what I can come up with >w<
Want him to be a handsome guy? >w<

Naaah, I wouldn't say

Naaah, I wouldn't say handsome xD he's not a charmer. And he's not extremely nice either, considering he IS pretty selfish. But there's nothing evil with him either. He's more like.. childish, careless and somewhat naïve, if that helps you^^
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Quite a lot, thank you! >w

Quite a lot, thank you! >w<
Hmm... I might do him with a playful smirk XD