The Wanderer

Desert Plum, Amethyst Siren, Marvelous Purpury, The..

Feige, Belcalis, Gia, Jade, Birdie. Many names and titles
Desert fae, foxy and cervine shape; amalgamation
Youngish adult, apparently 19 human years old
Omnivore; fruits & vegetables are preferable
Intersex, mainly they/she pns; Aromantic
Pomegranate, wisteria & plum fragrances
Average height; #9 Lithe

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Art 'n design by Thais ♥

oocly - soooo..! i am really trying to get used with the idea of interacting with a LOT of different people, because Fei is very sociable and curious about new faces! and i like so much intercalate between interactions as well, aaand because i think it's great to meet new people! but at the same time, i will totally understand you if you don't want to interact with her, but if you have some problem with me, please, contact me and we can solve this somehow ♥ (Luz#1288)

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♥ !

♥ !

adorable art by Tuoho! ♥
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ohohohohoho eve

ohohohohoho eve

this beauty

this beauty <3

you guysss &hearts; :sob:

you guysss ♥ :sob: tysm
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Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
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thank you both

thank you both ♥♥♥! c:
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What a purple beauty. I'd

What a purple beauty. I'd love it if she meet one of my characters.
add me on discord: Krisaur#9391

thank you so much aaaa! feel

thank you so much aaaa! feel free to approach to Feige, she's more than welcoming when is about to meet new faces c:
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heeeye &hearts;! thank you so

heeeye ♥! thank you so much, guys c:


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emsssss &hearts;

emsssss ♥