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[3/28] - new art11!!! gotta get this bean in forest.... but lazy... im lov them..

[ 1/18 ] - first interaction with a stranger, at first not interested, and maybe a bit nervous, but Caine eventually shoved them close enough to catch the attention of another fawn (Jaelyn). Played a bit, and settled down to nap very shortly after. Lian is not very athletic lmao.

[ 1/12 ] - birth
[ everytime i design a bio without an update tab im always wanting to do updates but whenever i dO add one in at first i never do updates whY AM I LIKE THIS ]

/ Lian /
- lee-in -

/ child /

/ they/them /

/ amalgamation /
- eldritch beast? fae?

/ small /
- between #14-#33
- growing



fawn w/ poppies / no set yet
charcoal fur, short everywhere but their neck, chest, and rump.
diluted seeming hair tuft and tail seem to the color of oil, can appear charcoal in dim lighting, and brighter in direct light.
grey, yet rosy human face (feat. a cute mole), eyes are quite large and heavily lashed, but appear yellow with a big black pupil
ears are very large, with a white rim and thickly furred, seems to hear extremely well.
front paws are prehensile and clawed while the back is a standard paw, with retractable claws.
beneath their fringe are two black horn nubs (just nubs, not full horns like in their art wah)


/ World Eater /
- mother
- bonded to, loved

/ Caine /
- father
- bonded to, loved

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mommy's little bean ♥

mommy's little bean ♥
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Baybe *o*

Baybe *o*