/ wall eyed child /

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/ Lian /

/ infant /

/ they/them /

/ amalgamation /
- eldritch beast? fae?

/ small /
- #14
- growing



Ref here soon
/ plain fawn / no set yet

charcoal fur, short everywhere but their neck, chest, and rump.
diluted seeming hair tuft and tail seem to the color of oil, can appear charcoal in dim lighting, and brighter in direct light.
grey, yet rosy human face (feat. a cute mole), eyes seem to remain closed for now.
ears are very large, with a white rim and thickly furred, seems to hear extremely well.
front paws are prehensile and clawed while the back is a standard paw, with retractable claws.
beneath their fringe are two bumps, possibly the beginning of horns.


/ World Eater /
- mother
- bonded to, loved

/ Caine /
- father
- bonded to, loved


99% in character unless stated otherwise (getting spells, etc.)
bio content will be pg16, its safe for now but we all know how TEF is
if you'd like to talk or rp, hmu at hadou#2633

interaction, whether negative or positive is always appreciated
( please ask before you eat though, i want them to live asldkjsd )

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mommy's little bean ♥

mommy's little bean ♥
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