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~| Name |~
Vex Hexington
~| Age |~
~| Gender |~
~| Set |~
None Yet
~| Extra |~
Vex found his goggles at the edge of the forest one day. Another fawn helped him put it on, and they were a surprisingly perfect fit. To get the goggles to go over his eyes, Vex, gives his head a rough nod, unlocking the little mechanism inside the metal latch (located just below his temple). When the goggles fall about eye level, a stopper in the mechanism locks it into place. To have them bounce back to the top of his head, he just gives another rough nod. The strap that goes over the top of his head is made of a stretchable fabric, allowing the goggles to constrict and retract as needed. The goggles themselves, magnify objects so that Vex can get a closer look.
~| Personality |~
Little Mr. Hexington is quite the inquisitive fawn. A bit of a wayward inventor (the best a fawn can be with no fingers), he can be constantly found walking through the forest and observing odd little things he discovers. He's not much of a socialite however. It's not that he distances himself from other fawns, stags, and does, he just doesn't know how to react around them. If one approaches him in the forest and doesn't do anything, he will give them a head tilt to ask what they need. If they greet him in some way shape or form, and then start to do something he doesn't understand, he will tilt his head about 2-3 more times, asking for them to explain their actions. He finds dancing amusing, though he has three left hooves, and will sometimes only join in if asked.

Although he has only recently begun his life in the Endless Forest, he has discovered two things he greatly enjoys. One of which involves seeking out deer that have isolated themselves, and sitting with them at a respectable distance. Providing them company if you will. The other thing he enjoys, is finding different materials/studying strange places, objects, or plants that he has never seen. When he's found one of these three, he will tap the ground with his hoof and tilt his head, to indicate his curiosity. Then, he'll normally circle around the object of interest, tapping his hoof and looking at it from every angle. Sometimes backing up to tilt his head and look at it from a different point of view. A bit of an odd fawn, unless caught up in the moment or in a hurry, you'll virtually never see him running through the forest.

~| History |~
New to the forest and only recently becoming aware of memories, he doesn't quite have a history yet. He somewhat remembers his mother, and knows that as soon as he was weaned, she took him through a strange grove of trees. The next thing he knew, he was in the Endless Forest, and was suddenly aware that he could attain knowledge, attain intelligence. Vex assumes that the place he came from, was a world from which he was a simple animal, and is thankful to his mother, for giving him a chance in this endlessly wonderful place.
~| Adopted Family |~
None Yet
~| Friends |~
None as of Yet
~| Enemies |~
None, and this he is glad for.
~| Voice |~

Picture copyrighted to Zenith, program used: Paint.

(( And there he is, my little fawn. More will be added later as he grows up and I learn more about the coding on this site.
I hope everyone enjoys him. Smiling
And if you see anything I need to fix, or something else you would like to understand about little Vex Hexington, please let me know.
Oh, both of us are also new to the forest, so please treat us well. *Bow* ))
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He sounds interesting. =] And

He sounds interesting. =] And welcome!
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To Pegasicorn: Thank you

To Pegasicorn:
Thank you kindly for the welcome. Smiling I do hope he plays out to be a character everyone can enjoy.

To BrokkenSaint:
*Is Tracked*
~| Vex Hexington's Bio |~
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Aww so cute ^^ And welcome!

Aww so cute ^^ And welcome! :3
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Hello, and welcome to the

Hello, and welcome to the forest! ( :
Uh, I hope you don't mind that I have a deer pretty much alike Vex, for he's based on a curious inventor geek whose one of my all time favourite fictional characters. *squirm* I've created him some time ago but haven't posted anything about him because he's my mystery deer and I have no plans for revealing him unless someone asks about him first. So, uh... yeah. I hope there's room for two deer of that kind in the forest. <3 Maybe they could go adventuring together some day. Laughing out loud Though that would require revealing my mystery deer's identity which kind of complicates things but... still.

This be also a track post.
~ Azugi
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To Kiraki: Thank you kindly

To Kiraki:
Thank you kindly for the welcome. ^_^

To Mellion:
Ah, I see. Well, I don't mind there being two inventor-type deer in the forest if you don't. <3 And I imagine the two of them can meet up in the forest without revealing your secret deer's identity to anyone else, if you don't mind myself knowing anyway. XD I can keep a secret, so there would be no worries about that. Smiling Vex often meets and greets with one, sometimes two deer, so whose to say that this one deer he meets is your deer. *Feels all mischievous and such*
~| Vex Hexington's Bio |~
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Not at all! I actually rather

Not at all! I actually rather like it because then they have someone congenial to be quirky with. Smiling Besides I'm still not sure how much my mystery's inventor side is going to emerge in the Forest as opposed to being just generally curious of their habitat and all the wonders in it. Just have to wait and see. ~ Ohh, I wouldn't. It's a shame we don't apparently have the PM system available here on the community site anymore, though. Hmm, how about we fix it so that if I see Vex's picto in the forest mystery will come greet him by bowing to him first, then circling him thrice and then bowing to him again? :3 I'll also give you a hint pertaining to his picto: it has two figures that can be associated with math in it. (Unless he has a glitch picto and it looks different in-game to other players. <_<)
~ Azugi
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Sounds like a wonderful plan!

Sounds like a wonderful plan! I look forward to seeing your mystery deer in the forest sometime. Smiling
How about I let you know that I understand who you are, by having Vex nod his head, and circle your deer twice? Heh, almost sounds like a secret handshake. x3
~| Vex Hexington's Bio |~
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It's a done deal, then! :

It's a done deal, then! : D
Too bad I can't come play right now (I spotted you were on the community site, haha) because I'm just about to start working at my job. I guess the weekends are the best shots.
~ Azugi