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BodySeveral lighter Clawmarks, some deeper ones. Battered up.
NoteBio will be filled out more over Time


Last Days were Spent in mostly company of known Faces. Mostly around his own Family.

Received some Gifts, a Ant plush from Mom and a Living blue Butterfly in a glass box from Feeon. Thankful for the latter.

Today began quiet and slow. Woke by Millie's Nest and remained there, was soon in company by big bro zuzu, enjoing the silent. The Fawns were joined by a lil sathariel, snuggled up to them.
Dozed off and woke again to see Millie, blinked at her and dozed off again.

Didnt take long to notice approaching steps, woke from it only to see Tristan. Was then asked if they (Tris and millie) could talk with him. Received a bag out of see-through leaves from Millie's Homeworld to carry Insects around and watch them. Overjoyed at the Gift and wanted to try it out togheter with Feeon. Feeon collected flowers and Blueberrys to lure ants in and he himself searched for ants. As they both had found what they wanted they were off to the Oak to fill the bag.

Sadly for them they got spotted by a Predator "Ulurah" but lucky enough Cadaver was close and chased them off. Got Escorted back to Tristan, not quite gasping the whole ordeal. Was ordered to go back to Millie and did do so without questioning anything but surely looking at what was going on. After a bit everything calmed down and Cadaver joined them, looks up to the beast and snuggled himself onto it.

Watched Anpiel join them and both, Feeon and Anpiel wandering off not long after. Was confused about it, more so since Tristan followed after them. Heard them shouting and decided to go check if they have fun without him. But before that checked in by Kephri to gave her some smooches.
Appraoched the Pond slowly, confused by the sight and to make it worse by Tristans words to stay near or he will have a "Bad Time". Didnt Take long and they both got attacked by the Predator, fled in terror, seeking the way to Kephri but couldnt make it due to a fast Cat on his heels. Got attacked several times and fled in tunnel vision trought the Forest, trying to find something to hide in and bumping against a lot of trees. Not once did he open his mouth to scream for help but Tristan was already on his way, in a Heroic style he tossed himself in and rescued Koka. Was way to exhausted and fell down to earth, remained there even after Millie and co came. Doesnt quite gasp it what just happened, more or less licked his own wounds before Millie patched him up. Listening to everyone but at the same moment does not, totaly out of it and done with it all. Eyeing the Surroundings with fear in his eyes before he felt save enough to curl into a ball for the night.


Growing not only in strenght and size but also Mentaly.
Getting lately more out of his Shell and overall got more interested in his surroundings.


Got to know a lot of new Faces, Alchemilla, Tristan, Kephri, Feeon and her Mom and prolly some more.

Lately spending his Time more by Rúna if possible, finding it calming and pleasent to be there, more so since Yrsa is often there.

Met Kephri and agreed to be her pupil. Currently training with her, moving stones in the mornings to one place to a other. Draining him deeply and often can be seen snozing around after it. Oddly enough has a new hobby, chewing on things, finds it to calm him down and its a lot of fun. Can become quite aggressive if others come to close while chewing.

Has quite a few Itchs, irritated Skin around his butt, cheek, shoulders and ears. Scratching it alot and gets growly if touched. Often seen scrapeing himself against trees.


Spending the last Days togheter with his Family. Mainly avoiding to get bathed or to close to water. In the end got dunked in the Pond by Dad and laughed at by Anpiel, getting irritated by Anpil's laugh and in the end gloomed around, hating everybody for a time until his little childheart did forget it. Playtime follewed and everything was fine again. Got finally taught manners and stuff (thank god) but is a bit slow with it.

Came to find a great liking in a Crow (Paleray) which came from time to time, calls it softly "Jello".
Grew more into a adventorous nature and likes to go to strangers for playtime or chat. Currently doesnt know dangers or Predators, first and most hated enemy is the Pond, damn you water.
Loves hoard Insects, collects bigger ones and smashes the little ones with his hooves. Likes the crunch they make, loves to follow Ant-roads and putting branches in their holes.


Spending the last Days strolling around. After the Attempt from Mom to bath him, despises the Pond deeply but found the company from other Fawns to be amazing which were close. Strives to find more Playmates. Got a huge liking to one spezific one.
Found a Pondfawn and waited on the shore that it comes out for a bit of playtime. Waited for hours... nothing. Quite sad about this.

Got Company from Dad today, still waiting for the Fawn and staring at the Pondswater. After hours knew finally that it will never happen and wandered off. Found the Girl from the prior Days, found her to be brave and amazing and strives to learn from her. Would never admit it.


Hatched Freshly. Could Easily push the soft Eggshells strong enough with his Fronthoof to poke a Hole. Put his Frontleg trought the Hole he just made, after deciding it was a stupid idea since it was stuck. Therefore began to panic and got frightened. Wiggled inside as if his life depends on it, draining his strength terrible. Remained silent after a while, resting, before putting his strenght again full on his other front hoove to push trought the Softer Shell. Now got two Front hooves stuck in Holes. Gave up for quite a Time, remaining completly silent, his Frontlegs resting outside, not a single muscle got moved. Finally with his seemingly last strength he pushed his head right between his Frontlegs, cracking open the Shell over time. With an angry bleat he greeted the World.


    Koka | Koko | Bie


    older Fawn | 15.12.2018


    a bit over #14

    Palawan Peacock - Shepherd
    Dog - Elk - Macawmix

    Parents and often Kehpri

    Omnivore - Prefers Meat


Picture Book - From Dad.
Ant Plush - From Mom. Loved.
Big Chewing Stick - From Kephri.
A Feather - From Anpiel.
Blue Butterfly in a glass box - From Feeon.
See-through leaves bag - From Tristan & Alchemilla

Outer         |         Inner         |         Relations


This biography may use, but I strongly do favor myself to keep it PG14, strange language, sexual themes, Violence | gore text or pictures and mature stuff. If you get offended easily, I will ask you to kindly turn around from this biography.

Kokabiel is 99% IC. His emotions and actions do not represent my own but I take full
responsibility for him.

You can RP with him here or via Discord: Chizzu#2687

Design by Chizzu
Bio Art By Nazzard
All Art belongs to the rightful Artists
Code by Calix & Chizzu
Tab JS by AlisonRobin
Size chart by Apeldille

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Oh, definitely steals his

Oh, definitely steals his baby brothers' feathers.
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if he had one T-T

if he had one T-T
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Will wait for when Koka has

Will wait for when Koka has some eventually x D
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:0 !!

:0 !!
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aaa thankies

aaa thankies

Don't you dare take his

Don't you dare take his feathers.
Precious baby ❤
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kissus lil bean face

kissus lil bean face

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Ace: Haha I need to rewrite

Ace: Haha I need to rewrite it obvious to " steal a imaginary feather"

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awww little one

awww little one
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you lil cutie

you lil cutie
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i saw u run by

i saw u run by
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@ Osmo

@ Osmo <3

@ HB Gosh your Girl is like sugar. He loves to spend time with her

@Fish he zoom zoom, ur welcome to interact with the bean <3
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Track c:

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Sigi by Wake

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&hearts; ahhhh !

♥ ahhhh !
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@ Luksus : weee thankies @

@ Luksus : weee thankies

@ LostintheEcho: love all ur chars so much *-*

@ Paleray: aaaa omg Iam so happy to see you again! Its really great to spend time with you <33

@ Basen: weeee :3 Cresent is such a cutie, always a joy to meet ya two in forest
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I’m lateeee

I’m lateeee
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better late then neeeever <3 haha
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bby boy bby <3
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stubborn lil thing, idk who

stubborn lil thing, idk who teaches him all those bad things, no wait I know... NAAAAT!
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Sorry, not sorry~

Sorry, not sorry~
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Not ugly at all. &hearts;

Not ugly at all.
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totaly late aaa Thaaanks

totaly late aaa
Thaaanks <3
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*Huuuuuuug!!* Little bab!

*Huuuuuuug!!* Little bab! It's so good to see you again Chizzu! C:
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Always somehow here, cant

Always somehow here, cant keep my back to the Forest Laughing out loud

Koka enjoyed his time with her, tho she gave him some spooks.
He maaay or may not thinks she is a mutated ant ¯\_(?)_/¯
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Track! C;

Track! C;
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Tracking c:

Tracking c:

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tracking this beautiful boy!!

tracking this beautiful boy!!
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Thankies x 4
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So sweet. -track-

So sweet. -track-