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a great title for a great character

Body healthy. lethargic. | Mind... | Notesbringing him back. not sure if he'll be active tho.



referred to as 'raptor'.
Adult male. A Draxomera ›› a hybridisated species of ancient drake-like creatures and other species. Raptor-like in appearance, but with reptile and amphibian influences.
Scent of fish, iron and sand.
#31. Appearance.


Feral ' Solitary ' Aggressive ' Snappy ' ... ' ... ' ... ' ... '


› Feral, very simpleminded, although has very few human qualities that show up through his limited ability to speak and being able to understand certain concepts like love, for example, which is characteristic to humans. Raptor himself, however, is unable to experience love or similar feelings. Emotionally shallow.

› Instinct-driven. Fear-based aggression.

› Pack-oriented, but has spent most of his life in solitude. Can form packs or join them, though he's used to a solitary lifestyle and is perfectly capable of surviving on his own.

› Adept hunter, opportunistic scavenger. Picks smaller prey, although capable of taking down those of his own size. May resort to cannibalism if there's no other food source.

› Cold-blooded. Relies on external heat sources for warmth. Digs caves and makes nests below ground, usually underneath rocks or tree roots.

› Unable to grow fur. Has a thick, scaly skin that is also moist like that of a frog or a snake, which helps to protect the body from injury or harmful bacteria. Can consume poisonous food that makes the secretion poisonous and will use this as an additional defense mechanism. The effects and severity of poison depend on the type of toxic food that was consumed. Is immune to poison.


✝ Vittani - former pack mate. Deceased.
Garai - biological offspring. Acceptance. Slightly wary of, but content that he's alive and well.
Vithara - biological offspring. Presumed gone.
Fari - uhhh

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