toothy boye

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a great title for a great character

Body healthy. lethargic. | Mind... | Notesbringing him back. not sure if he'll be active tho.



referred to as 'raptor'.
Raptor x Deer hybrid
Adult male. ID#31
scent of fish & iron.

Feral ' Solitary ' Aggressive ' Snappy ' Competitive ? ' ugh

› Snaps easily if afraid, feeling threatened or under pressure.
› Solitary, although can form packs. Can be protective of them, but would not risk his life for anyone.
› Adept hunter. Picks smaller prey like fish, birds and rodents, although capable of taking down those of his own size.
› Cold-blooded. Relies on external heat sources for warmth. Digs under rocks or tree roots to make shelter during cold months.
› Primitive mindset, very simpleminded. Limited vocabulary and emotions. Most of his actions stem from instinct rather than genuine feelings.
› Not exactly playful, but likes to chase for fun. Familiar with the concept, though his way of 'playing' is rough and often painful. Nips, kicks and scratches.

✝ Vittani - former pack mate. Dead.
Garai - biological offspring. Acceptance. Slightly wary of, but feels good to see him alive and well.
Vithara - biological offspring. Presumed gone.
Fari - uhhh

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