...Of the things we say, think, or do~

Once upon a time,

There was a deer.

But, this was no ordinary deer. She was see through. She was opaque. The only thing that one could see was the white chalky line that shaped her and the luminous glowing dots along her figure and ever flowing beaded necklace.

The pictogram floated at the end of the accessory with a bright radiance. Like the sun.

A curious creature, a sight to be seen. She was almost like a freak, yet her dimeanor was as graceful as a swan taking flight.

Her neck raises from its craned posture, the white-tail doe's eyes look over your way.

"Oh, hello..."

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The fawn stared back at and

The fawn stared back at and through the creature, completely transfixed by the strangeness of it. A doe? Thought she. The creature spoke, and the fawn raised her little ears high, and tilted her head wonderingly.

Sephorialis: A fawn, hmhm.

A fawn, hmhm. She lifted each hoof and placed it in front of her other. Walking seemingly effortlessly to where the young one stood in an awestruck gaze. A smile, one so soft it was like satin, slid to her lips.

"Hello, little one..."

Sephora bowed her head in

Sephora bowed her head in greeting, unsure of how to behave. She reached out with her nose and touched the doe's chest, straining with her neck because of her height. Soft, warm, but she could see right through it. Shocked, she looked up at the doe. Wishing she could voice her amazement, though it was clear through her wide dark eyes.
Touch? She stared at the doe, willing to be understood.

Seph (I hope you don't mind

Seph (I hope you don't mind me calling you that.):
Upon the contact, the doe moved her neck to 'hug' the other.
She could tell that the little one was caught in amazement, and it made the smile grow.
She returned upright and looked down at the fawn, captivated by the eyes staring at her in wonder.

"Hmhm. Little one, you wonder so many things."
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"Hello," the female said

"Hello," the female said softly to the doe. The female was all white and shined in the lovely sunlight. She had black spots on her pelt, but up close was a rainbow shine around each and every black spot.

The ethereal female had golden hooves and a had the head of a horse. Her thin strands of her black and white mane flowed in the wind along with her long, skinny lion tail. The odd female had blurry, clouded eyes, as if blind.

Her long, shiny unicorn horn was exposed as this creature emerged from behind a tree.

The unicorn deer lowered her long neck to to the ground, her mane grazing across the grass. She looked almost like she was cowering in front of her, but she wasn't afraid at all.

She admired this opaque doe and stood in awe of her beauty. "Beauty is never visible."

(Oh no, I don't mind at

(Oh no, I don't mind at all)

Reassured now that what she was seeing and feeling was real, the fawn reared up,

giddy with excitement. She trotted to a nearby log and pulled off a few harmless mushrooms to offer to the doe. She wanted to see if the food would be seen.
She lay them at the doe's feet, shifting from foot to foot nervously. Wonder, see, eat. She nodded at the food and back at the doe.

Bayleen: The doe looked at

The doe looked at this new appearance. One of which was strange yet beautiful. A humble smile
Appeared across her muzzle. The doe gave a curtsy to this almost unicorn like creature.

"But it is also to be seen."

Seph: (also, your fawn is making me melt from cute. I am now a puddle, thank you)
The doe watched with an almost motherly aura.
This was, after all, the natural feeling for a doe. When the fan came back with a few of the tree-inhabitating
Foliage and rested it at her hooves, she couldn't help but eat them. Perhaps she, too, wanted to know.
While ingesting the food, it seemed to dissapear behind the throat. So, the food wasn't visible. She wasn't sure
If the fawn could understand where it dissapears to, but she didn't quite get it either.

"Fawn, it seems as if the food is not visible. But perhaps if I am casted upon by a pelt spell... hmhm...
Maybe then my empty body will have color? Who knows."

(Hehe, she does

(Hehe, she does that♥)

She lowered her ears, dejected. There would be no seeing of where food went. The stream of words from the doe didn't all reach her, except for 'cast' and ' pelt spell'. At this she nodded. The sun was covered for a moment by clouds and then the doe's necklace caught her eye. She stared at the glowing symbol and at the points of light on the doe, forgetting the prospect of spell-casting for a moment.
Firefly. She sniffed at the light. Shine.

Seph: (im like.... squeeing

Seph: (im like.... squeeing like a little girl :'D)
Her necklace let out a slowly pulsating glow, almost like a slow heartbeat.
Seeing that it had caught the fawns sense of endless curiosity, she leaned over to give the
Small one a better chance of inspection.

"This is light, little one. It's a lovely thing, isn't it? Hmhm.
so, shall we go see if a pelt spell makes me appear?"

She numbed the fawns ear lightly with her nose and smiled tenderly. She felt so motherly around fawns...

(^^ they're always cute until

(^^ they're always cute until they grow up c:)

Sephora nodded, going against the temptation to pull the necklace and see if it could fit around her own neck. The sudden touch brought her thoughts back to terms though and she was again excited at the word 'spell'. Hopping more than trotting alongside the doe she tried to find a sleeping deer.

seph: Something about the

Something about the fawn made the doe smile. The innocence, perhaps?
A dozing deer was soon caught between the two, providing the perfect opportunity to nab a spell.
After a few moments of resiny by the sleeping deer, something, like a sound, would fill heir heads,
alerting of the acquired magic. How they knew how to cast it was something that baffled the doe all the time.

"Yes, my darling. Now we will see, if I can have color..."

The doe stood and awaited to be cast upon by the fawn.

(^^ they're always cute until

(^^ they're always cute until they grow up c:)

Sephora nodded, going against the temptation to pull the necklace and see if it could fit around her own neck. The sudden touch brought her thoughts back to terms though and she was again excited at the word 'spell'. Hopping more than trotting alongside the doe she tried to find a sleeping deer.

Hoofsteps. Not the light

Hoofsteps. Not the light steps of a deer, heavier, plodding steps. Approaching the bunch was what appeared to be a horse, for it lacked cloven hooves and was generally thicker. Alabaster glistened metallically in the sun while the large creature ambled closer, the only thing showing that it belonged in this forest was the forest symbol etched in blue-ash scars across its muscled chest. A single horn poked out of a platinum mane - unicorn?
He was silent as he stepped closer and finally stopped at a respectful distance. It was impossible to see his eyes - they were covered by a round, bird-like mask, matching the colour of his fur. Red and black also adorned this headwear.
"Mind if I sit with you all for a bit?" the heavy-looking animal asks.

Ryff: Her head tilted only

Her head tilted only the slightest bit. For this was no ordinary deer.
She smiled warmly and gave a polite curtsy, prodding at the earthen below her with her hoof; a signal to come near.

"Why, hello. Yes, please, do rest."

"My thanks, miss...?" he

"My thanks, miss...?" he bowed his head and smiled politely, folding his legs beneath him and laying comfortably. Laying down, he was still almost as tall as her standing up. He tilted his head curiously as he examined her. Transparency was something new to him. Like water...she reminds me of water.

The doe soon lied next to the

The doe soon lied next to the large horse-like creature; he was much larger than she, and felt rather tiny in comparison. Yet, she smiled as if nothing about them was different.

"It's such a lovely day today, wouldn't you agree?"

She looked at him with a warm smile.

(ugh, double posts) Sephora

(ugh, double posts)

Sephora sat beside the deer patiently, waiting for the sound to ring in her head. The doe calmly waited, and she glanced once again at the glowing lights around her. At the sound of the noise she stood up and concentrated on the doe, then inclined her head and lifted a hoof.
Blue. She thought forcefully, hoping to affect the color.

Seph: A almost blinding light

A almost blinding light arose from the pictogram above the fawns crown,
casting a radiant 'orb' over to her. After reopening her eyes, she curiously put one leg outward to see if it had worked.
there was.... a deep blue color, though it slowly faded inward, she had color. Though she remained slightly transparent,
it had worked. And she smiled a large smile and licked the fawns cheek.

"Little one, this is thanks to you! Your magic has given me color. Though it fades slowly, you can see me, yes..."

~track :3

~track :3

The little fawn wrinkled her

The little fawn wrinkled her nose and flattened her ears at the lick. The doe's gentle gesture pulled the skin of her cheeks up and tickled a little. Suppressing her laugh with a shake of the head she caught the doe saying 'color' and 'see'.
See! She hopped in a circle around the doe, watching the color until it faded.
When it did she tilted her head, and sniffed at the does side. Gone.

Seph: The doe, upon seeing

The doe, upon seeing the fawns reaction, let out a laugh.
She hopped a few times along with the fawn. Oh, how she loved this child dearly.
The spell faded, almost like it did to one with no forest name. She looked at the fawn.

"Little one, worry not. For you have brought me great happiness and I thank you.
Do you have a name, child? Oh, mine is Png. And I have grown quite fond of you. Hmhm. ♥"

She raised her ears

She raised her ears attentively and, for once, caught nearly every word the doe said. Speaking was still a challenge, and so she pressed her head to the doe's chest and concentrated.
"Pee-ee-ing." She struggled to say and looked up at the doe for reassurance. "I S-say-ff-our-ah."
Feeling accomplished, she smiled.

Seph: The doe, captivated by

The doe, captivated by the fawns rather well done attempt, smiled and
licked again at the fawns shoulder.

"Oh my, what a lovely name for such a lovely doe. Sephora, yes? Beautiful, indeed."

The doe smiled back at the fawn and gave a slight nod of approval.

She bowed a thanks, and then

She bowed a thanks, and then stood up bit too vigorously before glancing through the doe. Something had moved behind them. Her ears and tail raised as she continued to stare.

Seph: At first, the doe

At first, the doe thought that the fawn would leave her, and she became saddened.
but when the fawn stopped to stare through her transparent body, she couldn't help
But turn to see if something was behind them.

"What is it, Sephora?"

The doe spoke in her kindest voice.

The fawn let out a soft call

The fawn let out a soft call and saw the movement again, more sharply this time. Slowly, she crept up to the bushes and sniffed. She lifted her head from them and turned back to the doe.
Look. She pointed with her hoof at the long scaly creature before her.

Dx snake.....

Dx snake.....

I know D: But I like snakes

I know D:
But I like snakes c:

The doe trotted to where the

The doe trotted to where the fawn was needing her, but froze half way,
Upon seeing the slithering creature, she began to make bleats that a mother deer would make
to signal for her fawn to follow.

"Sephora, please come here. It is not safe over there."

Her voice was soft yet desperate.

'Not safe' Sephora heard and

'Not safe' Sephora heard and looked back at the doe. Her tone had changed completely, and that alone made the little fawn nervous. But...she looked around, confused. There was nothing big and frightening around. From her first four weeks of life she'd learned that big things like stags and birds were dangerous and that small things like butterfly's and frogs were not. Confused, the fawn peered down again. It looked a bit like a cattipillar...and those scales were quite polished.
Shine. She peered down, pawed at the bush, and then immediately jerked her head back toward the doe. Look. Shine.

The doe pawed at the ground,

The doe pawed at the ground, making a small pile of dirt while bleating for the fawn.

"Sephora... please... leave it alone,"

Png almost danced on her hooves she became so squeamish. She took a few steps toward and prodded
again at the earth using her 'follow' call. Don't do it, please...

Oh, I fear as if im loosing my touch for good rp posts... oh no... im rusty Dx
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(XD late reply, sorry!) The

(XD late reply, sorry!)

The female lifted her head a bit once she knew she was accepted from the doe's bow. She smiled and said, "Indeed it should be seen. I am Nuala. Tell me, graceful doe. What is your name?"

Nuala circled around the female doe, observing her white-lined figure and watching the little glimmery beads flow around the doe.

(Oh, its fine~) The doe

(Oh, its fine~)

The doe smiled warmly.

"Why, good day to you, Nuala. My name is Png. I am pleased to meet your aquatiance."

She watched the other examine her, mostly the strange beads flowing around her neck.
one would wonder: how do they float like that?

(I think that was fine ^^ I'm

(I think that was fine ^^
I'm not exactly very good at it either, really)

Sephora flattened her ears and pretended not to hear at first, but the doe's gesture was filled with so much worry that she turned and began walking back. She surely had to prove to Png that this thing was harmless. When she turned and brushed against the bush, her 'shiny caterpillar' struck out with fangs bared. Startled, the fawn jumped, and landed on the snaked head, effectively killing it.
Realizing what she'd done, Sephora looked down with the wide glossy eyes of a fawn close to tears.

Awhhhh.... Dx poor adorable

Awhhhh.... Dx poor adorable little Sephora ......

Png quickly trotted over to the fawn, whom was filled with much grief from accidentally killing a fellow... 'friend'. The innocent eyes were clouded over, as if she were near breaking down into a heavy weep.
In an attempt to console her beloved little one, she gently nuzzled the side of her neck with her nose and made soft hushing sounds along with some little 'tck' noise.

"It's okay, dearie... you need not cry. You always have me to come to, you know."

The doe tried her best to comfort the fawn.

The fawn squirmed and

The fawn squirmed and bleated, but accepted the comfort, burying her face into Png's fur and trying--but failing--not to cry. The caterpillar had done no wrong. She thought sadly. All she'd wanted was for Png to see that there was nothing to be afraid of. But the doe had sounded so afraid... She couldn't help but return the nuzzle glancing up.
"Safe?" She looked at the snake and back at Png.

♥... Png lightly


Png lightly nuzzled the small one and only stopped to look and speak,

"The catipllar was not safe. At least not the shiny ones. You are safe here, by me. I can promise you that, my little one."

The doe glanced over to the dead snake and could understand the fawns misgudgement. But, she was relived that the fawn jumped when she did... no matter the grief it caused, it was better than a bite from a snake.
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I spend long stretches of

I spend long stretches of time on this page listening to your music.

I don't strive to be the best, but instead I strive to do my best, and always give it my all every time.

eyestrain: oh my, really?

oh my, really? That makes me feel happy. Im glad you enjoyed it.
I draw to it. It helps me relax and focus.

(aesthesys is always calming

(aesthesys is always calming to listen to&hearts)

Sephora nodded and tried to engrave it into her mind. Shine, cat-pillar, not safe. She happily closed her eyes from the feel of the nuzzles. Png, promise, safe, nuzzles.
Still, she felt sorry for the snake and slipped out of Png's embrace to pick it up in her mouth and drag it back toward the bushes. It was a little heavy, but she succeeded and nosed the limp body back into the cover. In the bush she saw another shiny thing, but this one was smooth and white. She looked back at Png.

(♥) Png watched as


Png watched as the fawn put it back in its... almost tranquil grave. Though it pained her to see the fawn in so much remorse, she was glad that nothing harmful happened.when the fawn noted at a new object, she craned her neck to prospect it.


(Also nice ^^) Shine. She

(Also nice ^^)

Shine. She nosed at a shiny object carefully and saw that she'd dented the shell. Alarmed, she turned back to Png and nervously motioned to the little round things.

oh, it's an egg! ....I

oh, it's an egg! ....I think.

Png, now having an idea of what this ovalish object was from further inspection, looked above to the branches of the tree. A birds nest was nestled rather halfway up.


The doe exhaled smoothly after returning to normal posture. She looked at the fawn and smiled sweetly as if to say, Don't worry, for this was caused by the forces of nature...

xD The fawn tilted her


The fawn tilted her head, confused. What did a nature have to do with anything? This shiny white thing seemed rather unnatural.
Where? She prodded Png to explain.

Png let out a smile, she

Png let out a smile, she couldn't help but love this fawn with all she had.
seeing the fawns wanting to know, she let out a sigh and looked at the child.

"It's an egg. Birds of all kinds lay them. They turn into baby birds then grow up and fly away."

A very brief explanation might not cut it... hm.

"Sometimes the egg falls out of the nest, where all the others eggs are kept. When that happens, the egg breaks."

That might not do either, but she tried her best and did it with a smile.

Sephora sat and raised her

Sephora sat and raised her ears to listen but found it odd that a baby bird would curl into so tight a space and fall out of a nest when it could avoid all this and fly. Or did Png mean that baby birds could not fly? She shook her head and cleared her thoughts. Birds made eggs with baby birds inside. She nodded to herself understanding. But what happened to the baby in a broken egg?
"Egg." The word was easy in her mouth, she nosed the cold one on the ground.

I'm a puddle... of melt. But

I'm a puddle... of melt.

But I must go to bed if I am to survive. I will reply soon ♥

We'll be sure to put you into

We'll be sure to put you into a nice jar too ^^
Alright, goodnight♥

Png looked over to watch the

Png looked over to watch the fawn say the word and smiled and nodded in approval.

"Oh, very good Sephora!"

The doe licked at the fawns ear, to further show how proud she was of the child.

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