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The Raven
  • Inquisitive
  • Noisy
  • Alert
  • Territorial
  • Loathsome
Very broad and well-muscled, an imposing specimen; Somewhat sociable; Known to terrorize fawns and small animals; Not at all frightful; May give chase; Often seen bathing in the pond; Stands as tall as a large man; Voice like a cackling hag;
*Spastic wing-flapping while grounded near a dear or other target is generally a threat/attack. Interpret as you will.

The Stag
Magpie/Beluga Pelt, Realdeer/Magpie Antlers, Magpie Mask;
  • Temperamental
  • Untrusting
  • Resentful
  • Intelligent
  • Frigid
  • Honorable
Large, muscular build; Reverted to a raven if cast upon*; Less raucous than his raven form; Impatient with fawns; Not fond of casting forest magic; May stalk or follow 'interesting' deer; Takes time to gain his alliance; Somewhat aloof, especially to stags; Grating voice;

Shared Traits
The KING of corvidae;
  • Not "bad" or "evil"
  • Friendlier with deer wearing 'feathered' magic
  • Fae/fairy being
  • Fae magic countered with Forest magic*
  • Makes an effort to be polite
  • Sense of humor
  • Prankster
  • Noble
  • Proud
  • Speaks common vernacular, albeit broken
  • Roosts in trees and flower patches
  • Makes home atop the Ruin arch

More to come. Work-in-progress. In-forest behavior still developing.

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Bawk :v

Bawk :v

*hoot hoot* I wonder what

*hoot hoot*

I wonder what this will become 0.o



Caw-double post fail. :'D

Caw-double post fail. :'D
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Oh, I see--he was bathing

Oh, I see--he was bathing earlier. Emm was concerned that he'd gotten stuck in the pond x3
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Done for now.. tired of

Done for now.. tired of working on it. :/

Fish: Yeah, he splashes around a good bit. By the way, do you have MSN?


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Oh, that is the huuuge bird

Oh, that is the huuuge bird Illrose saw yesterday, when she was a crow. : D
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Ah, this came out amazing!

Ah, this came out amazing!


Oooh hello 8D Freddie saw

Oooh hello 8D

Freddie saw him today I think sdfsdf.
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Malikorin saw him yesterday

Malikorin saw him yesterday (:
I adore the layout of this &hearts

By Leuvr

Indeedy, I do c: If you need

Indeedy, I do c: If you need it, I just now put it on my updates, which you can get to when you click on Uboa in my signature.
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'KRAH!' c:


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Epic character And sooo

Epic character Shocked And sooo biiig!

Certainly track this bio <3
By Cicadia and Jalawhey <3
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Track! Funny guy


Funny guy Eye