TEF noob here!! could use guidance

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pretty sure i played this game at some point back in the day, but that was years ago now and i've since fallen out of it. got reminded it existed yesterday though and decided to revisit : D
i'm pretty disillusioned as to the workings of the game and where the community's at though, so i have a few questions

- is there a discord? a toyhouse group?
- how do you get masks and pelts?
- how do you find who pictograms belong to?
- when is the game most active?
- how long will i stay a fawn?
- where do people get those css templates from? has anyone made a directory of a bunch of them?
- where's the main place that people roleplay?

thanks so much to anyone who answers :] TEF is so peaceful, i love it. can't wait to get to know you guys
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Hey there! Welcome back -

Hey there! Welcome back Laughing out loud

- There are a few TEF-related discords floating around but the most active one is linked here. There's a toyhouse for tef members here.

- Mask spells come from eating mushrooms on trees, pelt spells come from sitting next to a sleeping deer. Someone else has to cast the spell on you for your pelt to change (or you can open up a second window of tef and do it that way).

-You can find people via the map & clicking on their pictogram. Sometimes it will show up with a 'page not found' message which means that person hasn't ever logged on to the community website.

-Usually at the weekend it picks up a bit, for me I usually find the game's most active in the evening (European timezone).

-1 month from the date you first logged in. So if you logged in today on the 23rd you'll grow up on the 23rd of December.

-There's a nice list of templates here. These are some of my favourites

-Most people rp over dms in discord, the server is a good place to start if you're looking for rp interactions with someone.
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Don't have anything to add to

Don't have anything to add to what Wild said but just wanted to say hello and welcome o/
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