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A long time ago, in a forest far far away....

I'm old. Let's just get that out of the way. A very long time ago for me (early 2000's?) I happened upon an online game that I was told was a college experiment. I entered as a deer and moved around a bit, made some noise. There was nobody on the server, but I came back once or twice more because the graphics were kind of magical (for that time period) and was surprised to meet another deer.
I couldn't figure out how to communicate, didn't know where to find instructions. So we honked at each other a bit and I left. Came back a few more times but with nobody there I drifted away.
Just today I remembered that game and thought to look for any remnants of it or somebody speaking about it (nothing ever completely disappears). Several detailed Googles later.....
I'm glad it became something. I can't remember whether I created an account back then or whether I named my deer (would have probably been the same name as now) but I've created an account and I'm going to look around, see what y'all have done with it. My name is Kevin and I'm pleased to meet you all.


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