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"I wonder where the wind will take me..."

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Titm0use`s BIO


Name: Titmouse (Running Among The Stars)
Gender: female
Age of the deer: 22

Running Among the Stars was born from the singing of birds flying among the constellations looking for their place in the starry sky. But one day, Running Among the Stars got to Earth and there met with a kind doe, who gave the baby the name Titmouse and began to raise the baby. In a word, a kind doe became a mother to a Blue Hen. But one ill-fated day, a terrible fire broke out in the forest where the Titmouse lived with her mother..And, during the escape from the fire, a burning tree fell on one of the deer..The victim of the burning forest was the mother of a Titmouse..But despite this, the Titmouse continued to run..After a few moments of non-stop running, the Chickadee found herself in an Endless Forest. Wandering through the Endless Forest, she punished herself for leaving her mother to die in a fire..After a few days of wandering, the Titmouse met Memory..The Titmouse told her new friend her sad story and added that she did not know how to live on, because she did not see the point in life when she lost the most precious thing in the world..Without hesitation, Memory told her about a magical place among the stars, where her mother now lives..Memory showed the Titmouse the way..Thereby showing her soul the way to the goal..

Currently, the Titmouse lives with her mother among the stars, but also does not forget to visit the Endless Forest. Blue loves to watch other deer, always wants to be friends with them and is very afraid of offending them with some stupid mistake..

Sorry for any mistakes or if I wrote a lot of nonsense here..

Echo of the Forest

[Benny] "You're never fully dressed,"

"Without a smile!"

[Mello] "The wind plays a haunting tone,"

"As I make my way through the night all alone"

[Ophelia] "You cannot kill me..."

"In a way that matters."

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