Lazy morning

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Indus Valley Deer Drawing on pottery intriguing lines used

some pieces 5000 years old piece of art
an artist created it and it still lives...

Indus Valley lost picture language meaning

1000 ancient cities with art all over the walls.... pieces of stone used for commerce with art... only a bit deciphered

letters were originally pictures

Every letter is a piece of abstract art... some ancient ancestor drew and shared like here...

Tree and Rock Spirits

In the grass,
on the trunk
on the ruin walls
in the treetops
and many other places lives forest spirits
sketched some
whole scenes of war
of family,
of love
play out across bark, grass, soil, and ruins
mystics, watchers, and messengers

Underwater deer under the lily pads

What is under the lily pad? Trying to hook the lily pad with my antlers and just turn into a frog. I just wanted an a lily pad hat.

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A nap

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dug up from the deepest corner of the computer

Was it 2013?
It's been a long time.

Good night my friends <3
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