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Swan Song


I began to play here yesterday and well, I'm still very confused about everything. o_o It's been really nice and peaceful here, though.
This is my first attempt on drawing the fawn. I'm not aiming for the best drawing result, so the whole pic is quite sketchy and I suck at drawing backgrounds (yet I'm practising hard ^^;), so.. umm.. yea. Hi. ^^;
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Attempt 1

xD Well, the quality is horrible, but aside from that I thought I would upload this for criticism. I haven't drawn for a while so here's an attempt at possibly the most popular set in the forest. C: I'm aware of the wonky anatomy, but tips, critz, anything is welcome. I need to improve.
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Here's one for Whisper Smiling
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Lieka and Syltar

Here's a picture I drew of Lieka and a picture of Syltar. :3
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Another giftart... this time a pic of foresticia.
My hand hurts. :|
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I'm spamming this place with my art too. Sorry.
A little gift for my good forest friend Nem. Smiling
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Easter bunnies

All this fog.. all those rabbits! Easter is scarier than Halloween. Shocked
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Investigating a rock formation.. also berries
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My deer 21 acting in a strange manner, dazed and listless.
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