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#1 Forest Grandpa

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Perhaps you are the Unicorn and I the Wolf


rare ink doodles.
Not my best
Not my worst
Still unique in it's own way.

new and a baby

hi everyone! i'm Reid and this is my fawn who i've been calling Isabeau... unfinished sketch pff
decided to check out the community and game after the hype around the remake?? very cool

ive been mostly stalking the cool characters on this site and clicking pictograms on the map while isabeau naps in the game lol...

Edit: thank you for image help ;;
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endlessly running in the endless forest

first time with photoshop, around 3 hours
inspired by Vanilliana, go give em some love.
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The smollest sleeping bag

Jude has a blanket...and Smol has a potato sack.
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Billow In The Dark

[img]image host[/img]
I Drew Billow! Her candles are lighting her path
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Lilac ~ Getting Into Drawing

[img]image host[/img]
I may post bit here and I hope that's okay. I'm working on my drawing skills, and as I get better I want to share my progress
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