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Designs in the Ritz

Hello and welcome to the sketch dump of designs that I have yet to finish!

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Hair of the pawed

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Folder junk [image heavy]

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Reverent Jelly, Pica and Zephyr

Poke me about the larger versions, if they are needed?
Also presenting zephyr.
They were preety fun to do and I hope more people approach me for art trades n stuff ^^
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Abilities: Screaming

Hypothetical what would happen when a small yell meets a big yell and a small stinky yell

FoxOfTheStars's Rasui vs Axebeak

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Gift Art for Vessan

I'd seen this character over the past several years and just wanted to make a drawing for now ov o Hope you like it!

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The Reverend and His Ward

While the good Reverend was beyond the Forest, he encountered someone... interesting. The strange fawn has since returned to the Forest with him, but so far Jelly has refused to share her story with anyone. She seems to have trouble forming words, but she can at least pronounce her own name: Shelley.

(good god I am tired of working on this dang thing please take it away)
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When you alone

Sometimes I think Echo is the loniliest deer in the forest)
Today Thais helped Echo, but too late, I'm already start to draw and his inner demon broken his heart
is it okey to put so big pictures in text, or I should put it under cut?

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Hello, dear fellow roes.

Wind on eyelashes.
Bright eyes and dark noses.
The endless songs of birds and cricket ballades.

Good day and hello to you two, fellow roe deer.
What a halcyon day it is.

Cannibriel stops by to rest with Firyn and Duva.
A yesterday's drawing, finished today.
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cue this

blame phantomhelsing LOL

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