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For Rouda

Kauna racing through the meadow, like a phantom in the night.
Quite rough (especially those trees) but trying to be more quick with my paintings.

Used ref's obviously!
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Macaria and Culzean

DA link

My Macaria and WilldflowerDeer's Culzean. I just wanted to draw them together. Not sure if I'll bother coloring it.
I'm not 100% happy with it but it looks pretty good for the most part.
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Complex Pixel Art Requests // "Mothman" DONE!

My Pixel Art Shop will be back with new CSS and revamp.

In the meantime, I really want to try out complex designs for practice, so it would really be appreciated if you could request some to me.
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King of the mountains

Guess where my muse is...
Also storm clouds
also dat hair

Critiques, opinions, corectures?
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Torfastr's new ref

Even got a fancy new haircut.
Hiar is now braided and he trims his beard.

The one before this one that I did not show was too 'chubby'
Torfastr is an athletic powerhouse

(was about to cut off his bum due discord.)
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Lay me in the cold red snow

Proportion and posing test.
3D splatters yes.

Most accurte scar map for tor.
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Partners In Grime

My characters.
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Mild weather

A quick serene doodle

holy angel

inspired by the devout pelt. it was my favorite a few years back
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sometimes i still feel like a fawn

e: whoops forgot the fawn spots. owell.
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