If one were to wander far enough, they may stumble upon a clearing in the woods, shrouded in mist, untouched by sun, and lit by moon. It is rumored that an ancient vessel, a black ghost haunting the endless birch, appears before those only in the deepest woods, in the darkest place.

For the most part, R has digressed into an entirely feral state. She can no longer remember old faces. There is only a sense of familiarity; a distant impression left in her brain that she no longer has a grasp on.

anyway this took me all day somehow. done on microsoft paint.

Ava and Mizu

(test upload) Ava and Mizu cuddling

Eating Cannibis in the lake

Go where water meets land
Enter the water backwards
Turn around and a new world appears with tender grass

Where are you going, my little one, little one,
Where are you going, my deer, my own?
Turn around and you're two,
Turn around and you're eight,
Turn around and you're a young deer down in the lake.
Turn around, turn around,
Turn around and you're a young girl deer down in the lake.
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Art by me (Hoar)

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trying to draw a new pfp
but i can't get the skull right as harvey does
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Autumn Fusspot

Randomly decided to give another one of my old characters a revamp. Used Marsh Deer as an inspiration.

She's mellowed out a fair bit over the years, but hasn't gone soft, she's still far from a pushover. Angry scottish babbling.

Still an Autumn Spirit kind of, she cut ties with the forest and no longer forsees the Autumn..ness over it. She still retains some of her nature powers and such though.
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Crow boyo


Grabbed an old sketch of this guy and sorta finished it while listening to Heilung and drawing tons of inspiration from it.
I still haven’t found a good name for him but I’m super fond of this sleek dude and he keeps developing in my head despite not using him anywhere…

From the beginning I’ve associated him with Corvids and I’ve borrowed some traits from them like opportunism and intelligence.
As for his origin, he’s a fantasy boy like most of my characters, but heavily influenced by Nordic mythology. He worships gods and seeks to contact them by eating psychedelics.
He’s a good boy despite having a questionable morale.

And drawing was fun. Been a long while.
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Restless Child

I made this for personal use, and decided, well why not upload it?
A simple pixel piece of Måne, took about 2 hours to finish. I am not
particularly skilled in pixel art but it was fun to try it out.
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Some concept sketches of my deer which I'm currently working on.
I often don't draw human faces so some of this was more difficult than the deer's.
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A Family Sketch

A child. Ouro.

His mother and father roamed this place once.

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