photo study

this isn't really fan art, nor concept art.. I wouldn't know where to post it honestly but it's a lovely doe I made a photo study of and I thought I'd share it with my deerest (ehehe) friends ♥
I hope everyone's doing well! also on insta and twotter smooches to u all

Edit: I noticed the quality of the drawing was very bad on other devices than my own laptop so I tried to re-upload it with a lower res and hope it's better now!

Deer tower

Too tired to get online yesterday so I sketch the old days instead. Cu, Starling, Lem.
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Oh Deer God +Art+

Doodled this in my small sketchbook.
Done with pencil, pen, fine tips, and charcoal.


I wanna draw Lacie in HD one day, but this time I just wanted to draw.


Toonish Arabella.


Been busy. Thanks for the company.
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Bath water.

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happy little fawn

I only just started playing this game but I love it so much already!! Here is my little fawn, he doesn't have a name yet besides his symbol but I would die for him.
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Joshua with great fur

It's josh. The best boy. Some sketch as practice.
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The kids in town

Featuring 'Kriegslied', Tameka and Niamh.
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