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Draak, Mitra and Quamar

I felt like attempting to draw some TEF deer so here we go.

There's Draak my deer, Mitra; Quamar's sister and in the bottom corner Quamar.
Mitra looks like she's frowning but it's just an odd pencil line I missed.

Drawn in pencil and tidied up in PaintShop Pro.

Quamar and Mitra belong to Quamar.
Draak belongs to me.
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Fawn Sketches

I started the game last night and, while I'm learning everything, I decided to go ahead and make some sketches of my fawn. I named him Huyu, and I loves him lots.
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Just a quick doodle...
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The Stag

I made this with ArtRage 2 by taking a screenshot and making a stencil in the program. When I loaded up a screenshot in the program, I loaded the stag painting as a stencil and smeared the screenshot around the stencil to get this effect.

I hope you like! I just whipped it up, really, so it's nothing compared to 21 or Rah-Bop's masterpieces.

Click here for a longer version in case the website cuts it off.
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I felt the need to draw a deer, so here's Pepokeen lying in a bed of flowers. :3
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My drawings

I spam you with ALL my art.
Beginning with scanned stuff, and moving on to tablet stuff. I like the wasy you can see me slowly getting used to using the tablet!

Så rör på era fötter, Oa-a-a, Och vicka era höfter

Can also be seen here :

Extremely ugly... I'm really sorry Dannii, I did her no justice at all. :/ It's really REALLY bad, and I'm really sorry. I messed up badly on the face and hooves.

A gift for a good friend of mine, Moonlitstar, on Endless forest. :3 'Tis her character Taliene, Shade's buddy. 83

Drawn to caramelldansen, speedycake version, because I'm addicted to that song. <3

Steal = Jail time

Lame attempt at lineless.
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The one and only piece I've done, from about a year ago.
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Liëka's deer! <3

I got the set wrong and went a bit over the top with the whole "queen of evil" thing, whoops! :B

/badart Eye
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You shall never be forgotten, run.
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