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For Saan

I'm quite shy to post my art here.. But I decided I should show this to Saan ^^.. I was sketching some of my friends the other day, and I decided Saan needed some lovin' XD! I think she has a beautifull doe, her set is so original. So yeah it's not a complex drawing.. But I liked it anyway. I'm also drawing Draak, Quamar and Bellie. But if anyone would like me to draw their deer, just ask! I need to practice more so it would be a great chance ^^!..

Well I hope you like it Saan ^^ Even though it's just a small portret.

--Stay's a lonely Seele
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See Nem frolic!

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My stag Croy

Lol! Well this is my deer Croy, or Cray, or whatever... I'm sorta new here, so you probable didn't meet me yet ^^ ~ Lately I haven't been able to connect to Endless and lost my set too many times, and regretfully bugged people to help me get it back. ( Sorry Adagio, I know you went for 10 minutes straight at those pinecones >x I don't think I'll bug any more people until I straighten out my computer. ) But anyways, in a fit of withdrawal, I painted this : ) He doesn't look as old as I wanted him too, so I spose this is him as a juvenile?

: ) ~Kiwizoom

Edit: I didn't use a ref so my antlers don't look like the in game ones xD I like the way they are supposed to be better, all pretty and wingy-like
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Jumping Deer

Well, this is my deer, jumping. Sticking out tongue
I'm quite satisfied with this pic and happy for any comments xD
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Draak and Mitra

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Handy Dandy

This is actually a really old drawing (from December). At the time it was my favourite set, besides my regular brown one. I'd completely forgotten about it until now!

Vipin x GoldenWinged

Wasn't going to post due to sloppyness, but tis' cute. :3!

My stag Vipin and Blackfeathr's doe GoldenWinged.
PH34R MY BAD MAGPI3 P3lT!!oneone!!elven!

... :B!
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The Stag Revisited

I spent a little more time with this one. It's a bit abstract.

Made with ArtRage 2.
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The Endless Forest

Dark forest, white strange deer and transparent light trees. and fireflies. Eye
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Into the Forest

I stepped in, wondering and a little shy... and discovered a place of friendship and peace. <3 Thank you for making me feel welcome.

Pencil sketch + watercolors + Adobe Photoshop Elements + Inspiration = nice
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