Taking a Break

Gonna keep this short, I hope, as it is 12:15.

Well, some may have noticed a recent abscence from me - probably not many; I haven't really connected with anyone on this site. This is entirely my fault as I am definately not outgoing enough to just walk up to someone. Fear of rejection, I guess :/
I also feel like the characters I create are unoriginal, boring and not developed enough. Which I feel is unfair to them as they have me as a player. They keep changing and... I cou;d go on, but it's not the time.
(I really don't want to rant about my personal faults so I've shortened this down to a brief summary)

So, the time has come for me leave - whether or not forever or just a short while I don't know yet, I'll see how it goes.

I am also going to mention how much I love this place. It is a beautiful community, filled by beautiful people who have actually really inspired me to write and draw. This place has been my escape from IRL and, though I don't want to lose interest in TEFc, I find myself slipping away to the PS3 rather than dread the time that one of my deer spend alone. Again, entirely my fault.

But! I really hope that my interest is sparked again so I return here when my confidence is higher. I know that a break can often be good.

Also going to leave this here in the (admittedly unlikely) event one of you wishes to contact me: bluejay17@hotmail.co.uk

Bye guys - you may see me in the forest, probably near to one of KnightLace's chars ^^

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aw, I hope you come back!

aw, I hope you come back! You've always seemed like a kind person. I know what its' like to be shy. We'll be here when you decide Smiling

-Hugs Bluejay- I'll talk to

-Hugs Bluejay-
I'll talk to you again tomorrow, ok?
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Kaoori, thank you. So, so

Kaoori, thank you. So, so much. It means alot (:


Come back when you're ready.

Come back when you're ready. We shall be here. ♥

Just an update: Bluejay and I

Just an update: Bluejay and I had a discussion earlier today, irl, and she has decided to completely leave her computer for a while - that's the reason I'm posting this - becasue she took action immediately after our conversation. She will definately be coming back.

However, when she does she will be scrapping all of her characters and starting over. I'm sure she expressed her dissatifaction of her current characters enough in the main blog.
/Update over
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