.Smell the [Ivo] Cedars.

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Hello. the previous biography I made was deleted and started over, because I felt like its atmosphere needed a huge change. I also made changes to the character itself, but these preferences are all mine, and I'll still be playing OOC. This time I'm going for a simpler approach, with not so much information..
I apologize if I confuse anyone who tracked the first bio.

To do-
• draw concept

*Edited personality info to meet my own
*Posted a copy of the original bio on my first account for easier access

Name: Ivo
Forest Name: x
Human Birthday: Sept. 19, 1997
Re-born: Sept. 19, 2013
Age: 16 human years. ageless in forest
Gender: female
Voice: Sounds like Anomie Belle
Speaks: In #ebd380
Scent: strongly of cedar wood, faintly of mountain laurel, and pond water
Species: Gerenuk (22) with a human face
Set: Zombie pelt + default antler
Frequents: This place, and deeply forested areas
Possession: A nickel ear piercing brought from the human world.

-Only has a few old friends .. but won't turn down an opportunity in attempt to make new ones
-Painfully shy
-Reveries and dozes when left alone
-More of an observer than a participator
-Feels the most at ease in secluded places
-Sensitive to smells


Family - separated from
Love - none
Offspring - none
Friends - Nireda (misses much, still holding onto)
Acquaintances - Danieru, Nine, Oaxis (fading)
Others - Lady in Red, Jennie, Anker, Buddy
Disliked - the ghostly and terrifyingly morbid; evil characters; persistent fawns or other entities

-cold weather
-watching sunrises
-visiting with an old friend
-warm/humid weather
-thunder and lightning
-being robbed of privacy

Ivo has been played OOC since Dec. 10, 2013 and will continue to be played OOC unless I state otherwise. She is an extension of me; her actions will now represent me in some way, but should never be taken personally. Interaction is welcome.
Code © Unplugged and Nirvana. Deer size chart © Apeldille. Song © Yppah. Image found at f.fwallpapers.com

Wonderful bio. Track this. ^^

Wonderful bio. Track this.
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Great to see you again, old

Great to see you again, old friend. ♥ If it's Nireda your character misses, then she will be back to greet her. I love the improvements you made to Ivo's bio, it reminds me of my old home...
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Thanks, you two

Thanks, you two <3

DU: Yes, its her I miss... If you could, please bring her back?
She makes me feel like my time spent in forest is worthwhile, really

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Profile art by me
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