Siddhe; drink your outbreath on the edge of dreams

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just incase toyhouse decides to die again..

This bio may contain mature content! Not now, but in the future. Elements of violence, blood and gore, maybe sexual themes. Also bad words.
Siddhe is 100% IC at all times and her views don't mirror my own, etc.
Contact me via Discord, my username is goblin#6969.
Art by Wake!

deviltongue - palefaced - masked one - fjölkyngiskona

Female, she/her. Adult
*~24 yrs
. Shapeshifter. Pansexual.
A healer, sorceress, soothsayer, jeweler; from an Old Norse AU around the 10th century
Height. Voiceclaim, singing
*thick Norse accent

Smells of sugar, patchouli, herbs
Lawful Good

Default antlers represent her alternate combat form*

Sociable. Compassionate, selfless. Intuitive. Nonconfrontational. Mature.
Superstitious. Resentful, petty. Fiery & quick-tempered. Flighty.

Toyhouse for updates & more info

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camps here

camps here
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