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UPDATES: 3/31/16
- back on TEF
- bios WIP
-currently working on Aki's bio and appearance

Currently doing an essay irl right now, so my characters may seem out of character or inactive.

Most played.:

Shika Bio

Archeopteryx (Aki) no current bio

Inactive deer:

Nod+tap ground= Yes, come here.
Moo x3= I have to go/ where are you?
Shake head x2= No, I said no.
Taunt+tap ground+head tilt= Oh, you want to spar?
Jumping+sparing antlers= playing
Laughing+dancing= playing.
Head tilt+head tilt= What?
Laughing+sparing/rearing= Oh ho, You make me laugh, you're no match for me.
Rearing+sparing= Fighting, hitting you.
Taunting= Taunting you, and huffing.
Bow+head tilt= Half bow, greeting
Bow= Has ultimate respect for you.
Nuzzle+bow= Missed you.
Sad+shake head= This will have to do../No please don't...
Sad+bow+nuzzle= Sorry I must go.

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-rolls through-

-rolls through-

Hmm, would you wanna RP with

Hmm, would you wanna RP with my new deer? She hasn't got a bio yet, but she has two forms, deer and a very large European Magpie.
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Sure, what deer of mine would

Sure, what deer of mine would you like to RP with?

I don't really mind, she'll

I don't really mind, she'll get along with anyone as long as they're not overly agressive/territorial. Also, what form would you like her to be in? You can come and find her in-forest if you want, but she's currently with Dr Whooves and guarding random trees with the giant crow spell.

[edit] Oh, here is her picto. XD
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giant crow spell? Hm I

giant crow spell? Hm I believe I might of passed you as Shika and she fears of giant birds. ^^" but let's see how she may react if I bring her out again, haha

I'm not sure. I ran into a

I'm not sure. I ran into a peacock-pelted deer who was scared of her, but that was it. Heh. XD
Oh and she may start flapping her wings at you if you go near trees she's sitting by. In this form she's slightly protective of ones she grows attatched to. Also, forgot to add, her large magpie form is actually just an apparition, not a true 'form'. It's like a shadow, but it resembles a European Magpie. A very large one. 8D
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Ah I see, ;P OMG I just

Ah I see, ;P
OMG I just minimized TEF >( hold on I have to go back now, sorry bout that haha

Yes, that's what all the

Yes, that's what all the flapping and caw'ing was about, when you rubbed up against 'her tree'. She'll soon forget about that one and move onto another, and in deer form she doesn't even notice the trees. |D
And that's alright. Should we start the RP? Also, she can't speak in magpie form. So should she be in deer or bird form? I'll sneeze off her spell in-forest if you choose deer and she won't be so hostile over the trees. XD
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Hm keep her bird form for

Hm keep her bird form for now, if you like ^u^

Alright, I'll start, then?

Alright, I'll start, then? Her name is Soroka, btw. It might change, however.


A large, pointed beak tapped against the bark of the tree. As the creature circled its trunk, the sound of hooves against soft dirt could be heard in the distance. She turned, pressing up against the tree, claiming it as hers for the moment. The magpie-shaped creature's beady eyes flicked in all directions, noticing a silver-furred doe coming into view, and wrapped her wings around the base of the tree.
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Oh, alright C: - She

Oh, alright C:


She stepped off and backed away 20 feet, afraid the big Magpie She spoke out bluntly and stutterly "Oh I-I-I'm s-sorry I-I-I just t-thought I'd p-p-play..". She sunkered down, trying to hide in the flowers. She jumped and ran around as stress started to blow in.

The magpie tilted her head,

The magpie tilted her head, her wings rustling around the thick trunk of the tree. She took a step back, flitting around to the opposite side and jabbing her beak forward. The tip sunk into a mushroom and the bird jolted her head back quickly, ripping it from the bark. Hopping forwards, Soroka dropped the bright orange morsel at the doe's hooves before returning to the tree.
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Btw, don't mind the mini with

Btw, don't mind the mini with the skull mask, that's just Caden ^^


She tilted her head, then looked down at the mushroom that lay beneth her.
'? What is that bird up to? Will it hurt me? Will she take my flowers!?' she thought to herself, getting nervous even more.

Heh, alright. B') - "Caw?"

Heh, alright. B')


"Caw?" Soroka tilted her head once more, sensing the doe's dubiousness. Dipping her head, she pecked a little of the mushroom, swallowing it whole and nodding, showing her it was safe. "Caw." Her iridescent tailfeathers rustled a little.
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SHika can be clueless

SHika can be clueless xD

She looked down at the mushroom once again then at the Magpie "Is this for me..? Would you like me to eat this?" she stood up, just getting a tad closer to the big bird.

I think it's pretty adorable.

I think it's pretty adorable. X)


Soroka's wings unfurled and she called out. She would've smiled -- if she could, anyway. Her head nodded and she pulled another mushroom from the tree, nibbling it delicately.


Oh, and I was just thinking. She won't be able to learn Soroka's name in this form, so I can she change into deer form in a little while? Maybe Shika would be less tense if she was in the same sort of form as her. XD
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Thankies, awh xD - She

Thankies, awh xD


She untightened her body a little bit then lie down and started to take small bites at the mushroom.


Sure, that would be better, though Shika may be a little confused, haha

Mmkay. - The magpie rose,



The magpie rose, swallowing the last of the mushroom, and rolled her shoulders, turning away. Slightly translucent tendrils wrapped themselves around the magpie's form, shrouding her in thick black smog. Not even a second later, the body of a deer dropped to the grass, panting a little. Her pelt was thick, black with a purple sheen, and almost slightly feathery. Soroka pulled herself back up and stared at the other doe, bowing a little, unaware of the events that'd happened whilst being a magpie, and of how she even got here.
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Shika practicially jumped at

Shika practicially jumped at this, she backed away some more, very much confused 'W-what?!' she thought as she bowed back. Her eyes are widened unsure of this doe.

Soroka coughed quietly,

Soroka coughed quietly, moving forward slowly towards the seemingly terrified doe. "Oh, I'm so sorry." Her voice was soft, velvety, comforting. "I-I didn't mean to scare you." She pawed at the ground sheepishly. "I didn't do anything ... stupid, did I?"
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Shika got in closer, getting

Shika got in closer, getting more confortable "Oh no, It's alright and no you didn't do anything.." she said softly, still clueless at the whole situation. She stared at the other doe and cocked her head "What's your name? I'm Shika."

The antlered doe's ear

The antlered doe's ear twitched and she dropped to the dirt, blinking owlishly. "Shika... Such a nice name." She smiled up at her. "My name? Oh. Soroka." Her tail tucked itself underneath her body. "Silly... I know."
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Shika smiled back "Why thank

Shika smiled back "Why thank you.. but I don't think it's that much special, heh. Your name though, it sounds very unique to me, not silly." she tucked her forelegs underneith her chest and her legs to her side, getting in a more suitable, confortable position.

Her ears constantly flicked

Her ears constantly flicked about as she reached foreward, a forehoof scraping at the soil. "Sorry, by the way. A-about... You know." Her grass green eyes darted about and she bit her lip, almost hard enough to draw blood.
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Shika only smiled "Oh no,

Shika only smiled "Oh no, don't get worried, it is fine I just misunderstood at most parts, haha.." she spoke out again softly.


Oh yeah, I'mma close out of TEF for a moment, my emotion keys and stuff won't work.

Yeah, I might go now... It's

Yeah, I might go now... It's 5.27 AM and I haven't slept, eheh. I might not be back on later, though. I'll reply as soon as I am, though.
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Yeah, I have to go too, my

Yeah, I have to go too, my anime is coming on, lol. xD
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Anlez is online btw :3

Anlez is online btw :3


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Welcome back ^^ Bayleen is

Welcome back ^^
Bayleen is having a nice time with Aki :>
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Thank you, and Aki

Thank you, and Aki appreciates the company Smiling