She'll forever chase the dawn. [WIP]

Name: Soleil
Gender: Female.
Age: 25
Pic: Click!
IG Appearance: Fawn with red flowers (temp)
Size: 14
Sign: Pisces
Type: INFP

+ Passionate, mystical, dreamer, creative, harmonic, idealistic.

- Shy, emotionally sensitive, reserved, flighty, impractical, effected by their surroundings too easily.


- Due to their small size they will not approach someone directly until they've observed them for a long time. If they're approached directly they'll play passively.

-Can often be found collecting forest trinkets such as flowers, feathers etc.

-Front claws can't be sheathed.

-Always lost in their head, has a very loose grip on reality.

-Can't swim.

-Always looks for the perfect world.

-Won't fight unless there's no other option (not even to protect someone).

-Claws are blunt, biting is their only true weapon.

Story: WIP.

Bio: 7/6/2019- M: Healthy. P: Healthy. E: Healthy.

Roamed around the forest today in awe of the many ancient and mystical structures that now laid in ruins. Collected many trinkets of wood, feathers and stone to play with and possibly create something with. Saw a strange gazelle with feathered wings by the water and observed them for a while but was still unsure if they were safe to approach.

More information coming.

Note: This character acts IC (except when interacting with nameless/guests etc) and is not a reflection of my actions or me.
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cute kitty ♥

cute kitty ♥

Thank you c:

Thank you c:
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Welcome back

Welcome back <33
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