Seeking Twin Brother player

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So I want to start up a pair of twin brothers. I also want to come back to the forest properly. So I wanted to know if anyone is looking for a sibling slot I can fill, or is more interested in creating these twins together with me!

I am open to all ideas involving character design, origin, personality, etc. I would prefer identical twin brothers, but fraternal twins or even sisters I will consider!

Ideas I love are:
-Angsty/Edgy characters/bios
-Unique creature designs, or marking designs

Of course I am open to a lot more, these are just a few of my personal tastes with characters!

If you are interested, please reply here, or for a faster response DM me on discord: theGoatinator @2610

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Interested and down for

Interested and down for anything! Discord is on my account page if you want to add me.