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I might try to hope on TEF more, I've missed hanging in the forest. If anyone wants to interact my Discord is Saturn#2522, if you can drop me a message here before adding <3 I'll try to give a better update soon and hopefully get back to drawing too?


I want to apologize sincerely for not having most commissions complete yet. The situation is still very unstable and I'm trying to not take on more orders. This isn't intentional, if I could refund right now I would, but I'm working on that as well, if I'm completely unable to finish them. I've got a few wips, that I'm awfully displeased with.

I also recently started my driver's ED, I know I have severe anxiety that interferes with even daily things, but I wasn't expecting it to take such a huge toll on me, along with that, I tend to expect myself to be perfect at anything at everything on the first time. Today was my second time driving, you can imagine what's going on in my mind, it's a bad mental habit I'm yet to unlearn. If anyone has any shift stick stories... feel free to share them. <3

Lovely coding once again by Lathyrus <3 <3 <3

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On my own behalf, please take

On my own behalf, please take your time with Starl's piece. Mental health comes first.
I will wait for as long as it takes, and I'm sure that most others would feel the same way. <3

Good luck with driving!! Tbh in my opinion you never truly learn until you pass and get out on the road. Even now after 3 years since getting my license, I still make mistakes. Except now I'm less afraid to make them and learn a lot more from them as I don't have an instructor yelling at me for it lols :|

I cannot tell you how nervous I used to get on my lessons, and ugh the wait was horrible. Always felt so sick. It's funny cos my palms would get so sweaty from nerves on my lessons that I'd often have my hands slipping off the wheel or the gear-stick and o m g so awkward. One time it slipped so hard off the gear stick that my hand flew into my instructor's leg so I sorta punched his leg almost. Very awkward LOL

but I became so much more confident after passing and driving by myself! now, I'm so confident behind the wheel. I don't get where the confidence even came from. But tldr; the nerves do dull down a lot over time I promise! I thought I'd always be a nervous wreck but thank goodness that wasn't the case. I know I can't speak for everyone but... I hope that it becomes better for you in the long term ;;
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@Starling Thank you so much


Thank you so much <3 I honestly only have to render the background on yours, I do it with brushes once, doesn't work.. I render it on my own.. doesn't work. Trying again.

I get so nauseous! And sweaty as well, THIS almost happened to me, but instead I completely missed the gear stick and kind of slapped the instructor's hand. mine's clearly tired from people, at times he yells too but im trying to not pay so much attention to it... he's overall kind of patient

and the muscle ache... i get so stiff at times.

anxiety does pass for me in some cases, and i'm very determined to learn... so I think it should be the same for me <3 I also tend to be calmer on my own, my instructor is still a complete stranger to me, and I usually drive him and the previous student around.... thank you again.

So glad to see you around

So glad to see you around still and waiting to play with you in-game when it's possible. ♥

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my funniest mistake that im

my funniest mistake that im sure is because of anxiety (its honestly like im out of my body!) is going right when it should be left. THIS doesn't happen on turns... blinkers on, all good. but it just feels like as a left standing driver, IM Not driving enough in the right part.. so im always. there
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<3 Would love to! I'm currently in-game but tabbing out often, waiting on someone, will stop by for a visit if we see you!
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Echo'ing Starlings comment,

Echo'ing Starlings comment, please don't worry about my commission!! Take all the time in the world, hell I have commissions for people that have been taking half a year now, you're not going to get any pressure from me!!

I've got my license for 10 years now, and really my best driving is when I'm alone. My instructor was actually super aloof, was always on the phone, incredibly irritating ha. I really prefer small cars though. Big ones feel like I'm in a simulation.
And that's such a huge demand to make of yourself!! I feel it a bit too though, I get very annoyed when I don't get something right immediatly. But driving is also sooo dependent on the people AROUND you ugh. 90% of my trouble in traffic is other people doing something stupid suddenly.
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So happy for you, sounds like

So happy for you, sounds like you're doing great with the driving! It takes a lot of courage to get through those scary moments.
Hope you enjoy the holidays <3
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up this goes for the tef

up this goes for the tef question and if any commissioners haven't seen it (I think its on my art blog too)

I enjoyed the time yesterday,

I enjoyed the time yesterday, thank you again. My deer appreciated the help with those (chaotic) fawns, too. Looking forward to the drawings, and I hope to see Dem's reference sometime. Their ingame set is interesting.
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@Uitleger No problem at all

@Uitleger No problem at all and thank you so much for the company too, it meant a lot! I hope I'll have more time to interact rather than just idle. Sometimes I would hop in-game with Dem but it's been rather lonely, I was happy to see someone respond to them finally.
And yeah, it's more symbolic than anything, considering they're supposed to have a magpie form, I decided to settle with that pelt, the koi mask just spoke to me and the candles usually represent warmth. It's weird though, I decided to check out the beta and now I'm antlerless in TEFI?

I might do a ref sometime considering there are some changes, but until then Dem is in my current avvie!

hi - so fun creek jumping

hi - so fun creek jumping with you and Uitleger today !
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@capiteux it was very nice

@capiteux it was very nice meeting you!

I believe most players start

I believe most players start ingame interactions through Discord, these days, and since most are shy and/or afk, prefer to be the ones contacted first, instead of reaching out. As for me, whenever I'm online on the community, I'm also paying attention to the game and up for shenanigans. (Usually I wait for my company to start, since I'm never sure if they're afk or not, but may get up, myself, esp. if I need to gather my friends together)
It was heartwarming to see Dem approach my deer. Being more of a classic tef deer and going about his simple tef deer life, he doesn't get many IC visitors. I appreciated it.
A symbolic take on a set, I like it. Yeah, I think the candle spell is indexed differently between the versions, so it gets lost saved in beta. You'll need to get candles casted/loaded and saved in the original game.

Aha, thank you. Expect them to show up in a sketch someday. (Or crazy doodles, that happens)

And ditto-ing capiteux, it was lovely to hop with you both.
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Makes sense! I am kind of shy

Makes sense! I am kind of shy to approach people first even just in-game, but I remember how warm I felt when someone would lay near my characters or try to get my attention, so I try to do the same.
I'd say I am still a very new/inexperienced player, but I have fond memories and I enjoy just spending the time with someone.
It's incredibly nice seeing people I've interacted with or just bumped into 3-5 years ago.

I've always liked your style and I am sure I will enjoy seeing those! I hope to draw something soon, too.

I'd say it's similar for me.

I'd say it's similar for me. TEF's original concept was what first pulled me in, and it's what I enjoy the most to this day: the peaceful company.
Feel free to have Dem wander off and meet others, Dem will always be welcome in my deer's company. He still got his plans of introducing them to everyone he knows, but his friends are all randomly-appearing fellas. Though quite pleasant.

Good to hear)

P.S. Sorry I didn't catch Dem leave yesterday, so much for "paying attention".
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I actually couldn't get to

I actually couldn't get to say goodbye myself, I left TEF running but once I was back my PC had shut down and it was time to head to bed. I returned to work today so I couldn't meet with kid earlier in the day, but I am online now for resting next to.

Dem just played with some fawns, I hope we weren't too loud! They just felt braver in approaching strangers today.
Speaking of which, I might greet you with a different character sometime, because I have some ideas, and I am even trying to design them now! I have no plans on making him IC only, and even if, his personality is very cheerful so I'm sure they'll get along.

I hope your day went well, hope to see you soon!

Ah, I see. Unfortunately, I

Ah, I see. Unfortunately, I wasn't at home when you were on and the fawns happened, otherwise I would have joined. I tend to leave my deer sleeping while I'm away, so my friends have a gathering spot where they can host a tea party using his body as a table, probably, where they can meet and have fun regardless of my inactivity.

I'm sure they appreciated it. For some reason, I don't see many characters willing to play with fawns (it's mostly OOCs, like me, who do it). Yeah, the raskals might melt Dem's ice further with their shenanigans. It's particularly fun seeing their first reactions to masks/pelts/antlers.
I'm curious about that character, will he have a bio? (on that note, will Dem?)
And yes, no doubt about it. My OOCer is friendly with everyone, IC, or OOC, as long as they're friendly towards him.

If not soon, definitely in the weekend. It's the time when my activity is least sporadic.
You have a good day there, too.
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That’s fine! I’m at work

That’s fine! I’m at work today too but hopefully Dem is still in the forest since I left the game on, maybe for the same purposes, I left her near Dream and I noticed that Piaf and more friends came along a bit later, it I had to leave for my shift… I do wonder if they had tea? I’m sure we make nice tables.

I don’t think I’ve ever minded fawns, I know people don’t like them for the mooing but sometimes I accidentally do that myself, plus, it’s kind of cute.
And that’s true, if Dem’s IC, fawns are a good way to get her to interact when she’s anxious.

Yes, I actually do want to create a bio for him especially, I do think I’m almost done with his design too. I can drop some information until I get working on that if you want to hear! It’s mostly about what he’s based on.
Unfortunately I’m not sure if Dem will have a bio, as they are mostly me/using her as OOC as of lately. There are some things I could include though, I’ll think about it.

It looks like I’ll be home this weekend, sometimes I do have to be at work but I hope to get to see you!

"I do wonder if they had tea?

"I do wonder if they had tea? I’m sure we make nice tables."
Haha. Looked like a family reunion, it'd be a crime not to.
OOCer brought a party to Dem last night, wanting them to meet Acele and Tuskle, but you seemed to be away, though Dem was awake. So we bumbled around and crashed by.

Now, looks like I took over Dem's fawns and lost one. And the other one seems hyper aware of what it wants in life, so, I assume it's yours?

"if you want to hear!"
I do, creative talk is my favorite type of talk.
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Shame I missed it! I was at

Shame I missed it! I was at work and I remember wondering if Dem is still around. For some reason if I leave TEF tabbed out it seems to keeps me in longer, compared to when I leave it while my characters are sleeping. I do hope Dem will be able to meet more folks soon.

Indeed one of them was mine! He's with you and company now. Dem had their... hooves full? It was difficult juggling both tabs without one crashing, so they had to take a break. I've left you with "Admiral" for now, he's the character I was planning to introduce.
I still don't feel confident enough showing the design progress as it hasn't reached what I'm aiming for, but he's based on the Vanessa atalanta butterfly both in looks and mainly personality. I love those butterflies and have been meaning to create a character based on one for a year now. I might explain further in his bio to be, but he might fly, "land on trees" and spend time in sunny spots meanwhile. I think his TEF form and appearance here will be after roe deer.

Thank you much for helping me with his sets btw, and the patience for the mini spell! I hope all is well.

For me it's the opposite -

For me it's the opposite - the game gets dropped off if it's tabbed out, and when it's not, it has a chance to reconnect.
Eventually, I'm sure. I've always thought that the "catch 'em all" slogan fits TEF more than anything. Many factors have to align for the folks to meet.

Looks like I came back at the right moment, then. You're welcome about the spells, I was glad to help (I'm well, although tired, as usual).
I can see the inspirations in the set, and the mask reminds me of a fawn's rounded forehead. It'll be interesting to see the two worlds meet, design- and personality-wise, and by all means, take your time. Sometimes I like to take my time with simple doodles.
It'll also be nice to observe "Admiral" in the forest, I've always enjoyed characters whose behaviours are not entirely deer-like.
By the way, if "Admiral" is sitting in the air, away from trees and anything, he's flying, right? Asking so I can have OOCer react accordingly. His first instinct is to provide support, but I'm not sure if he should meddle or not.
The meddling. Poor child became a wig. And a piece of strawberry icecream that melts all over OOCer's skull in the second one.
And the whole jenga.

And thank you for your company today.
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Well it looks like Dem was

Well it looks like Dem was invited to a big group today <3 it was also sweet when one of the fawns was briefly buried in their chest. I am still trying to adjust to tracking pictos again, but I assume some were Piaf's children? It was nice to meet them all.
I think my last big meeting was this one, and it looks I was with Dem back then too, too. I might run TEF again with a "camera deer" for some screenies.

I wasn't sure if I should use that mask or the magpie one (for some unusual reason, I associate butterflies, especially the red admiral, with "sharp" rather than "round", but I do think the orca one ended up working better so I went with that one. I'm excited to continue drawing him and working on him, though.

I do wonder how his behavior will change if I am around for the offical remake release. I do have his personality figured out so I hope I'll be able to portray that, it will change as he matures too.
Also yes, if he's air sitting he is essentially flying, but don't worry. I actually liked being a wig, mostly because I do want him to perch on other characters, that is a part what he does.
I do imagine him in his butterfly form then, just landing on someone, so it was nice. My air sitting aim is very bad though, always has been haha, so he will often have to land somewhere first and maybe someone will do what Dreamer did.

I don't think he'd be a nice flavor of ice cream, it would be good if it was strawberries... but one of the scents I have in mind for him is "ladybugs", I hope your character wasn't too put off by that! Here's a screenshot from me too
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High time I tracked this,

High time I tracked this, thanks for the company! Nice to see you and Dem again.

Signature © Draak

Before I respond in full,

Before I respond in full, today's a typical Guys Night Out for those three [Cu, Feofan, OOCer]:
building a fawn-man

Hope their antics aren't too much for Dem.
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Hi Saturnia, Cu met your Dem

Hi Saturnia,
Cu met your Dem tonight and it was a pleasure.
Ursch and Uit are the "freaks" in TEF and I really like them Eye
(you get the best show for your money, you can get) lol

siggi by Sybilline
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@Ursch It was nice to see you

@Ursch It was nice to see you too! I've been hoping I'd catch you Smiling

@Uit I think Dem enjoyed this, it was definitely unusual but fun, and I missed her fawn form! Should do it again sometime! I took some screenshots too that I'll post soon.

@Cu, it was nice to meet you too! So I've heard (and seen a little), yesterday I caught some shows!

"I took some screenshots" I'm

"I took some screenshots"
I'm looking forward to see those. I tend to live the moment and forget about them.

And hey, the doodles actually happened.

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