Rosinka's bio


Name: Rosa or Rosinka (in first variant -a is stressed, in second one -i- is stressed, her name means "dew" in Russian, the second variant is diminutive).
Pictogram: a twig with leaves

Age: adult
Gender: doe, female
Voice: not very high
Smell: hay, sun, blooming grasses
Set: Barn Owl mask, Barn Owl pelt, Monarch Butterfly antlers
Size: 16

Relationships: Podorojnik (brother)

Likes: eating (especially mushrooms), running, jumping, dancing, having fun with others, watching the Forest's life, water, butterflies, fireflies, frogs
Doesn't like: rudeness, aggression, haste
Afraid of: The Oak's noise

Possessions: magical Earth ocarina, Rudraksha amulet gifted and made by Feha and her father

Both silence and talkative (it depends on her mood which one it is today), sometimes she even likes to "mo-o-o" loudly and much. She is cheerful and often runs through the Forest as fast as she can enjoying the wind on her face and its whistle in her ears. She also is often seen jumping here and there while strolling among the trees and dancing much. She may spend hours splashing in the pond or investigating the Forest, gazing at flowers and insects, or jumping after a random frog. From time to time she needs some space and silence, so she leaves for her lay among high grasses at the edge of De Drinkplaats. Here she is laying, breathing in the freshness of the grass, watching the calming flow of life around her, and listening to the Forest, to the water, to the birds and winds.
Rosa loves rain. It's her favorite time, when water drops from the sky, making everything smell so sweet and so pure. The colors, the noises, the aromas of rain are the most precious for her. During rains, she walks silently, adoring everything, dissolving with the environment with her heart and thoughts.
She loves her brother, though they don't talk much. They spend time usually silently, but together in hearts. No words are needed.

She is a member of Reading-shroom club, where she is one of the readers.

Rosinka's hobbies are playing a magical earth-ocarina and singing.

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Happy first post, Si ^^

Happy first post, Si ^^
But if you hold me without hurting me you'll be the first who ever did

Thank you, Feha! 8 )

Thank you, Feha! 8 )
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Hello, Si! Glad to see you

Hello, Si! Glad to see you here Smiling

Magnificent art by 7FinalGirl8 (Hagal)

Helloooo! Thank you!

Helloooo! Thank you!
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Yay, she has a bio now,

Yay, she has a bio now, finally!
Such a pleasure to see this character develop.

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Thank you, Urschanabi! 8 )

Thank you, Urschanabi! 8 )