The Red [Piano Composition]

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Hello, once again.
This is a little gift for Vee. Wanted to create a composition that reflected how I viewed The Red, or something like that.
Lots of flowing, almost drum like melodies with just a hint of upper key harmonies that carry the music forward.
I also chose to end it ubruptly, since I sometimes never knew if The Red will return from his adventures outside of the forest.
Also wanted it to reflect a sort of stormy feel to it to give it a more natural tone.

Happy Holidays, Vee! Smiling


Previous composition: Watching the Sun Rise (Sterre & Otis)

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Breathtaking ♥

Breathtaking ♥
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Omg <3 your music always give me chills. ♥
So beautiful.
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Wow, this is quite amazing,

Wow, this is quite amazing, really gave me the shivers! Absolutely wonderful work, really fits with the character too!
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Woah what the frick, this is

Woah what the frick, this is really good! Not just because you're talented in piano and composing, but I find your interpretation is fantastic, to say the least!
Now I'm going to be honest and say that I don't actually have any idea how to put my great appreciation to words, but I hope this gives you a basic idea.

Would it be okay if you can send the mp3 file if possible to me via msn? There's also another thing I'd like to ask about. Smiling

FaunGrae -

FaunGrae -

Rouda -
Thank you very much. <3

Xemi -
ohsheesh, haha. Thank you so much. <3

Misako -
Hehe, thank you! I'm glad it does! I had to go through quite a variations on the melody trying to get it right. :]

Pffft your comment made me laugh, ahah. I'm so glad you like! As I've already told you The Red is awesome and deserves more love. <3
Mp3 sent! wootwoot. <3 Thank you for sharing your character with us!

Oh. My. -Has no words- n.n

Oh. My.
-Has no words- n.n
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So incredible. I admire the

So incredible. I admire the ability to make music like that so much. It was just gorgeous to listen too. <3

That was breathtaking.

That was breathtaking. Beautiful work, :3

And I'm late because I'm just that cool.

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