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This is beggening to make me feel like poo, so Im just going to let it all out.

I have feelings, and Im a human. Im the kind of person who holds things in for a long time until a just burst with anger.

I know your thinking, "Wtf is this chick talking about," Well, its just something personal going on that I have been hiding for a while.

We all deserve equal respect from one another, not this. "Im so much better than you," crap.
So if you think your any better than anyone out here, your wrong. We are all here at the same level, and when I see people getting pushed around and stepped on by 'Friends' I want to personally slap them.

I don't care if your older than me, and I don't care if Im older than anyone else. We have no right to step on one another and act 'higher'. When you act like that it makes you look like a complete naive idiot.


Wew. Eh, this crap has been going on in my real life for a long time. And probably to alot of you.

Im really starting to hate cheerleaders bigtime. It just sucks more because now my best friend is one. It also happens here...alot. This is directed to noone |D I think Im going to burst out singing RESPECT now.

It does happen...a lot.

It does happen...a lot. I've faced feelings like that a lot when it comes to art, and I feel the same way about it as you do. I'm glad you let that out though Smiling it's always better to vent than to keep things inside! It's funny that I'm reading this as I'm drawing some vent art myself Sticking out tongue

I hope life and the people around you start treating you a little better Eye


I agree with you

I agree with you completely.
People better start treating you properly or I'll send Rutilus over there to rape yell at them.
ilu Snow <3

-- Dannii <3

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|D Life throws crap at

|D Life throws crap at people, doesn't it? Respect's been on my mind for a while now too regarding things. :U

So, yeah. LET IT OUT, BABY.
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This isnt entirely for me,

Eye This isnt entirely for me, I kinda hope that some poeple will start treating people here with respect.



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I agree... I've had these

I agree... I've had these feelings for a long time. Even towards my own boyfriend for a little while, because I personally think he thought he was better than some others. But he's working on his attitude, as we call it.

I try to respect people as much as possible! However I never get much in return, not in real life. But it's slowly getting better... ever since I opened that mouth of mine Sticking out tongue

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul
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I concur! :3

I concur! :3