The Priestess

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18+! Priestess is IC 100% at ALL times unless other wise stated! Contains mature themes including but not limited to: heavy gore, sexual themes, violence, trauma, triggering events. Please note that the actions of Khanivore in-game and during role-play do not represent the acts/beliefs of the player. If you have any sort of questions or concerns, please contact me through discord @ Vera#6092 and/or leave a comment under here to get my attention. All CSS and art used in here receives credit to the rightful creators.

Arrival into the forest
August 24th 2020 | 10:00pm

"Wh... hmmm?"


Recently... Has been birthed from the soil. Emerged coughing up blood and dirt. Exhausted. Disoriented. Latched onto the first thing that approached her. A wolf. no, a deer... what is it? Followed it around as fast as she could with her wobbly little legs. The little fawn whose mother womb is the soil.

Current State: Weak, frail, livid, confused, slowly making sense of her situation and gaining back her memories.

Jae - heavily intrigued by the creature. Wishes to be kept close. Abandoned with mysterious doe. Saddened by this but will remember his face. Likes

Feige - The mysterious doe. Smells of pomegranates and wisteria. Sees as a caretaker immediately. Will stay close for protection. Likes

I'M here first. Yessssss.

I'M here first. Yessssss. Stalkin this. ♥
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<3 youre the best
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SkAdUnked that track

SkAdUnked that track


lil' lady

lil' lady <3