Polar Vortex Deer Finds Shelter

Running through the forest theano noticed snowballs the size of her spots as a fawn. Pelting her coat she ran to and fro as if that would help abate the intense sting of half-ice half snowballs hitting her back. A few times theano reared her head up and head-butted the snowball into a tree. Looking at the Oak tree hollow told her a pile of bodies had cuddled to remain warm and to avoid the snowballs.

In that moment she remembered that the playground rock had a slanted piece for a covered open area and then the stone itself allowed entrance. So, she quickened her pace as she veered to the playground but as she did her back hooves slid and swerved. ICE in the forest.

Theano quickly shifted her weight the other way and balanced the unusual move. Dipping down the momentum forward made a sensual curve that lifted into an undulation that missed a fall and instead created a new dance move she could try during the group dances that were sure to come after the forest warmed.

Slowing the pace she sauntered to the playground where the small Stonehenge Wuan Mawn made by Merlin deer rose up to welcome one to the hidden labyrinth under the playground. Ancient deer had hinted many times that a prior tribe existed before them. The forest rose up out of their desire to have free place to play rather than the accidental hell they had created with too many rules.

Past her favorite sinkhole among the Stonehenge original that mimicked the peaty moorland she ducked under the slanted rock with its blue etchings. Then into the dark labyrinth underneath hidden in stone. She began the dance her parents had taught to move up her healing powers and with the stone nearby she fully expected it to amplify across the forest for any and all.

For what ever reason inside the playground stone it was warm and within hours she nestled down to sleep.
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Really enjoyed this one! My

Really enjoyed this one!

My friends and I were in the forest on that snowy day too. February 11th, I think it was. We were a large group sitting under a tree near the Crying Idol. A nameless deer came up to us around noon EST, and I took a little run around the forest with them. We were wondering whether that was you actually)
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No, it was not I. I was in

No, it was not I. I was in the middle of Texas Polar Vortex getting ready. Been working learning a new skill and testing. The job I have I cannot play while working the screens do not play well together. My Aunt died. Then dealing with a foreign student who got raped in Germany--seems the path he took was a system to put young men with older ladies. When COV19 came got kicked out. Tried to arrange some help and got kicked in the deer teeth for it. Might get a break someday. Would have much rather frolicked in the forest.
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Oh my, I'm so sorry to hear

Oh my, I'm so sorry to hear all that Sad
Hang in there, hope things will get at least somewhat better soon!
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