Please come at centers

About adopted kids center:
There orphaned kids will come to be adopted by a deer.
It will be in the meadow. Do not forget you can help kids orphans. Adopt also have souls.

About Center to find partners:
There you can find partners, you can have fun, you can roleplay and many other things. he
is located near the waterfall

Please note these centers will not open unless there are at least five deer at both

Only with your help can open Smiling))))
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I don't really find this

I don't really find this necessary. Most fawn players don't know of the community, so they won't see this message. Besides, if they are new players I don't think the first thing they're interested in is finding parents but rather exploring the world and learning their way of playing first. If some of them want parents, they can discuss other people about it. This rarely happens, anyway.

The second thing, partners shouldn't be just about going to a certain place and then boom we're suddenly mates, it's about forming friendships and then both of the players decide if they want their deer to be mates.

It's sweet to create ideas like this, I just don't personally think they would work/be necessary. Smiling

Love and children (even if adopted) will come if they come, in their own way. Just my opinion though.
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